Affordable Flats for Rent in Ajman

Affordable Flats for Rent in Ajman

Finding an affordable flat in Sharjah and Dubai can be a hectic task if you want to settle down in UAE. On the other hand Ajman is an emerging state giving you a lot of opportunities to find an affordable flat over here. It may be smallest emirate of UAE but has growing industry and a lot of tourist attractions. For example a family requiring 3-bed flat can have a flat on rent for almost AED 27k annual. Ajman does not only offer affordable rental flats but also has cheaper cost of living.  Due to this reason Ajman has become favorite place for professional investors and for people who want affordable properties in UAE.

What are some popular areas of Ajman?

Different areas of Ajman are providing customers with flats for rent at different prices. Among all areas of Ajman, Downtown is the best area for renting a flat at cheap prices. It is near Ajman free zone and the most established area. 2-bed flat is the best to have in Downtown. Al Nuamiya is second on this list situated near the Sharjah’s border. Best flats to rent here are 1-bed flats. Al Rashidiya is third on this list. It is home of Ajman sports club and a few kilometers away from the Ajman free zone. It also features Al Rahidiya Park of ladies.

What kind of flats is available in Ajman?

Most of the flats available for rent in Ajman come unfurnished. But most of the landlords try to provide partial of fully furnished flats to tenants. Finding a good flat for rent in Ajman is easy as compared to other emirates of UAE. A typical 1-bed flat you can have on rent in Ajman has 500-564 sq. ft. of space and one bath. A 2-bed flat comes with 1450 sq. ft. of space and 4 baths. 3 bed flats and 4 bed flats are also available in Ajman at affordable price you can buy.

Why Ajman is preferred for renting flats?

Location of Ajman is best to settle as you can easily access major national highways and fully maintained roads. You can enjoy high class housing along affordable lifestyle away for the hustle and bustle of highly populated areas of UAE. As it is doing efforts to become a successful area for trade, so you can expect that standard of living will only improve. The rent of flats can only increase after three years after proper giving a proper notice. Landlord cannot ask you to leave the flat before the contract expires.

Final thoughts

These days searching a flat for rent is much easier as compared to other emirates of the UAE. You just need to decide the place where you want to settle with your family. So if you are planning have a flat for rent in UAE Ajman is the best place for you where you can have flats at affordable prices with less efforts and improving standard of living.

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