Affordable Villas for Rent and Sale in Ajman

Affordable Villas for Rent and Sale in Ajman

People want a peaceful place to live, away from noise, pollution and hustle and bustle of urban life. These places are like dream accommodation. Ajman is such a place where you can have your dream villas at affordable price making you feel comfortable away from the noisy neighbors. You will feel amazing walking through your own vine yards, partying beside an amazing pool or enjoying the luxury life style. Design and construction of villas all around the Ajman is fascinating and provoke you to have one over here.
Ajman is located to the north of UAE, except coast it is surrounded by the Sharjah. As compared to other emirates it is the smallest one. It is an amazing place to settle down, it has maintained a very affordable rental index. People who cannot afford expensive life style of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are looking for some amazing villas in Ajman.

Where You Can Find Affordable Villa in Ajman?

You can find affordable and brilliantly construct villas in Al Zahraa and Uptown Ajman. These areas cover a vast land close to Ajman’s eastern Border. In these areas you will find big villas having between 4 and 6 bedrooms. These villas also have a lot of space for pools in backyard featuring wrought iron gates and high fences. In addition to these two areas another good area for having villas is Al Yasmeen.
Al Mowaihat is at the top of the list for buying or renting villas. The best kind of villas available here are of those featuring 5-bedrooms. These come at affordable price range. Another place where you can buy or rent villas in Ajman is Al Rawda. Just like Al Mowaihat it is also famous for 5-bedroom villas. 

Freeholding Villas in Ajman

According to the new law passed by the Ajman government, if you are the resident of UAE you can still have owner ship of villa in Ajman. If property worth is over 2000,000 AED at the time you sign then you can also apply for residency visa. You can renovate, re design your property according to your taste and needs.

Sale Price Trends

Sale prices of villas vary according to the location, area its covering and the way it is constructed. According to modern price trends the 3-bedroom villas come at price of 850k AED, 4- bedroom villas at 1.3Million AED, 5-bedrooms villas at 1.8M AED. The largest villas come at price of almost 1.85M-2M AED featuring 6 bedrooms.

Final Thoughts

Ajman is the best place for long term investment in UAE. Providing an affordable life style it has become the choice of most of the people who want to live in UAE but cannot afford villas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is concluded that there are a lot of reasons for buying villas in Ajman. So if you are planning to have villa in UAE it is suggested to have one in Ajman you will not regret it.

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