Ajman Non Freehold Areas

Ajman Non Freehold Areas

Non freehold areas in Ajman are those where you cannot have actual ownership of a property rather you can have property on lease for some time. Ajman also offers freehold ownership to foreigners in some areas after passing of law by government of Ajman.

Non-Freehold Areas

Most favorite non freehold area in Real estate market of Ajman is Al Mowaihat. The best thing it features is 3-bedrooms villa for lease. Buildings made over there are inspired by traditional Emirati designs. Near Al Mowaihat, Ajman Medical Center and The Ajman Academy are located. This makes it best area for families to stay. It also features supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and many more. Near Al Mowaihat there is another area called Al Rawada comes on second number offering properties on lease. It is best for the people who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city life. It is located near Al Tallah Camel Race Course making it a good place to live. Ajman China Mall is also situated near this area.
On this list of popular non freehold areas Al Jurf comes at number three for providing properties on rent. You can have apartments on lease over here at affordable prices. Its location is near Ajman China mall making it a perfect place for residency. Ajman University is also located nearby making things easy for families even more. Al Rashidiya and Al Raqaib are the other two areas come last on the list where you can lease Apartments. Most common apartments available over here feature 3-bedrooms. You can have villas also on lease over here.

Why Someone Should Invest in Ajman?

Ajman has become a hub for investors from all around the world. A lot of real estate projects have been started over there and these projects have attracted new inhabitants and investors. Prices of properties over here are dependent on the real estate market of Sharjah and Dubai. A lot of developmental projects have also been started in Ajman like the green building, CityLife Mall and Mirkaaz. All these projects have increased the opportunities for the investors to invest something which is going to be beneficial in future. These projects have can also play rile in improving and developing real estate market of Ajman. Ajman is not only for investors but also for those who want to live here with their families for a long time. They can have apartments on rent at reasonable prices and can work in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Ajman has a lot to offer to not only the people who want to live here but to also the professional investors from all around the world. It has those areas where everyone can have their own property even a foreigner as Ajman government has passed the law. So if you cannot buy an apartment, villa or any kind of other property there’re some non-freehold areas where you can lease a property. These areas are mentioned above. Make sure to invest in Ajman and get profit.

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