Ajman Property Guide 2019

Ajman Property Guide 2019

Ajman isn’t that populated state of the United Arab Emirates but it always has been one of the favorite spot for investors. The Ajman property has faced many ups and downs in the past few years but in the first half of 2019, things were quite different. Let’s take a brief look at the ups and downs of Ajman property.

One bed apartments

The profit ratio of one bed apartments has significantly decreased form the start of the year 2019. This is mainly because people are moving towards 2, 3 bedrooms apartments for their family members. The prices for these one bed room apartments have also decreased. So for investor, the one bed room apartments are not the safe investment for the year 2019.

Best areas for investing in property in Ajman

Following are the best spots for investing in Ajman property
For the ear 2019, the Al Nuaimiya is the best place for investing in property in Ajman. There are many reasons for it. First of all is its location as most of the people do want an apartment or a villa in the famous place of the city. The second is that the Al Nuaimiya covers those property areas which most of users generally look for. 2-3 bedroom apartments is the demand of 2019 and the al Nuaimiya offers plenty of these apartments and studios. So, if you want to invest for a good return, Al Nuaimiya is one of the safest places for such investment.

Best places for Villas in Ajman

From the race of 2-3 bedrooms apartments and studios the second most sold property in Ajman is the villas. Most of the people who are from different states of the United Arab Emirates likes to have a villa in the Ajman state. Following are some of the areas in Ajman where you can get some great return for your investment in villas.

For renting villas

Majority of people who visit the Ajman state wants to have a villa for rent for few weeks or months. For those people here are some of the best areas for renting a villa in Ajman.
1: Al Zahra
2: Al Jurf
3: Al Rawda
4: Al Nuaimiya
5: Al Bustan

For purchasing villas  

There are plenty of areas where you can buy huge villas for an attractive price. The Al Rawda is one such popular area where you can buy villas at decent prices. Al Mowaihat is one another mostly searched are for purchasing villas in Ajman. At these you can safely incest you hard earned money for some decent profits. 
A part from these two famous places, the Al Sawan is one area where you can get high [profit rates for your investment. Though it is located just a bit outside the main state but it offers value for money villas. Also for renting out villas once you’ve bought them, the Al Sawan is one good area. As a number of tourists like to rest in the villas located at this place.


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