Ajman Real estate Freehold Law

Ajman Real estate Freehold Law

What does it mean by freehold ownership?

Owner can have an absolute right over property or land because of Freehold ownership. It allows him to build whatever he want, he can also resell that property and can also rent it on his own terms and conditions.

Real estate freehold Law-Ajman, UAE

Sometime ago freehold ownership was not granted to everyone unlike other areas of the world. Foreigners could only get properties on rent or they could get most a 99-years leasehold. Investors were reluctant in investing their money in real estate UAE in past, because chances of benefits were limited from the investment in past. Dubai government then broke the shackles and provided with freehold property zones. In these specific areas foreigners were then allowed to have freehold ownership. But owners were not allowed to have permanent residence visas. Other emirates also started following Dubai rules for real estate.
The smallest in UAE, Ajman was the second emirate to follow after Ras Al Khaimah in 2004. A new law has been issued by ruler of Ajman, Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Amiri under Decree No. 7 and 8 for real estate regulations of Ajman. As Ajman has cemented its place in the priority list of investors in real estate, introduction of this law resulted in instant hikes in prices. Such opportunities are very uncommon nowadays where capital appreciation can demonstrate a 200% development with apparently less dangers than some other alternatives. Investor-friendly regulations, intense interest, low costs, growing population these are the reasons that regardless of being the smallest emirate among all, Ajman is next just to Dubai and Abu Dhabi as far as real estate in UAE.
Ajman really bypasses Abu Dhabi and Dubai as investment prospect in ways of little gains because as compared to Dubai prices are much low. An ever increasing number of individuals are hoping to live in Ajman, which is just at 30 minutes’ drive from Dubai, approximately 35 km away. Being so near Dubai and foreseen to develop fundamentally in coming days, Ajman presents a phenomenal open door for the individuals who were estimated out of Dubai property market. Extraordinary area, Freehold properties, over 20 years of tax-free activities, no close to home personal duty and numerous different points of interest have set Ajman property request the correct way.


Ajman is one of the new emirates but is developing speedily. It has become favorite place for investors, even it allows foreigners to have freehold ownership of property. So if you are planning to buy property in Ajman it is the best decision for you as their rules and regulation are easy to follow and allow you to have freehold ownership of your property. Moreover prices of properties over here are much affordable as compared to other emirates of UAE. In addition to this development rate over here is much higher that is the reason it has become most preferred place to invest for potential investors.

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