High Rise and Low Rise Flats What You Choose

High Rise and Low Rise Flats What You Choose

You are searching a new flat for you, but you do not know what kind of location is best for you. Another thing to decide is what kind of flat you want for yourself. A flat can be high rise or low rise. To decide which one will be best for you, it is necessary for you what a high rise flat building is or low rise flat building.

What Is High Rise Flat Building?

A high rise property is that building having a certain height or stories. It is dependent on the country and organization. According to Emporis standards a building that is from 35 to 100 meters tall and has 12 to 39 floors is considered as high rise building.

What Is Low Rise Flat Building?

While a building that is not very tall and has few stories is considered as low rise building. According to Emporis standards a building having almost 4 to 12 stories and is less than 35 meters tall is called low rise building.

What Is Best for You?

Now you have a basic concept of low and high rise flat building. Here I am going to explain how high or low rise flat is good for you. You can choose the one you want according to your needs and taste.

Perks of Low Rise Flats

The best thing about such flats is that they are situated near to streets. So if you have an elder or disabled person it is best flat for you to stay. Such flats are also useful in case of emergency. These low rise flats come with a lot of amenities like large parking spaces pool etc. most of the low rise flat buildings also feature gardens, grounds, walking paths and trees. They are situated in residential areas, there would be less traffic and less pollution offering you privacy and peace. Moreover these flats come at cheap price and are affordable for everyone.

Perks of High Rise Flats

If you want to enjoy amazing views from the top these flats are best for you. Such flat buildings are part of big cities. If you love crowded places and  shopping then these flats are for you. In such building security is very high and staff is very cooperative. These buildings feature elevators making climbing to upper stories easy for you. These building already have wiring for internet, cable and other needs so it is easy for you to set up here. Moreover these buildings also have management staff and office making maintenance requests faster.


After considering you needs you can choose the low rise flats or high rise flats. Living on ground floor of high rise flat building is same as living in low rise flat, you cannot enjoy top views but you can enjoy other things. So you also need to decide number of floor on which you want your flat. By considering all above facts you can choose the best option for you.

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