Looking for some modern bedroom furniture ideas for your ideal bedroom setup? Here are some of the most loved, in-trend modern bedroom ideas that create the best picturesque look of your room. The furniture plays a vital role in delivering the theme to its spectators.
Here we have got some of the best furniture ideas for you to help you design and accessories your dream modern bedroom.
Low Platform Bed
Low-slung platform bed with low-level headboard is on the high rise these days, to give a modern look to your bedroom, the low-slung bedrooms create a minimalistic look and don't cover a lot of space like the bulky beds, this makes the room look bigger and open. The Low platform beds come in different designs and finishes; you can choose the one that suits your style the most.
The bed compliments well with the rustic colors and a muted look with warm lighting, the best color scheming to choose from are from the russet tones.
Light Headboard Wall
Dim and warm lighting accents create the most of a modern look. Create an impressive feature wall over your bed headboard using shades and LED lights to create a soothing serene vibe. The wall features LED strip lights embedded in the extruded panels creating a unique and warm tone around your bed. The feature looks best in the nighttime with the lights off and will perfectly complement your modern bedroom.
Swish Designer Lamps
To complement the style of the headboard, the stylish swish designer lamp duo will make a great pair to increase the grace of your room. Side table lamps are slowly diminishing from the bedrooms but placing one unique set beside your bed will make the biggest impression and enhance its look.
Full Wall Length Mirror
Install a full-length floor-to-ceiling mirror in the room, this will reflect the light in the room and make your room look bigger and brighter. Place the mirror in Infront of the light source or in front of the room entrance to set the right angles and confuse the eyes of people into seeing larger room space.
Modern Wall Sconces
Modern interior designing is all about minimalism, and minimalistic designs need some things to spice them up. Make your room design pop up with the modern wall sconces placed on your muted color wall, the warm lighting, and the copper color scones will make the most out of your room, again it is a small thing, but as it is said small things makes the big things happens.
Bright Accent Chair
Use a minimalistic design chair that has a bright color accent like, green, red, blue to create an accent in the room with the plain muted colors. Choose the color that suits the room the best.
Distinctive Ceiling Fans
If you live in warm climates then a ceiling fan is a must, try to use a unique ceiling fan that comprehends the beauty of the room, try to color match it with your bedroom color scheme, or use it to create an accent in the room. Try not to use dull and ordinary fans as they can ruin the design of your room.
Headboard Storage Bed
What can be better than a bed that not only allows you to rest but also provide space to put your stuff on it. The headboard storage niches are in trend and don't even destroy the look of your room, so if you are short in space for a shelf or cabinet try buying a bed with headboard storage.
Wall Mounted Shelves
The modern look demands a clean and crisp look that comes with minimalism. If you want side tables beside your bed, then instead of those make wall-mounted side shelves that look like floating in the air. The two can hold side lamps and your usual stuff you would put on the table. Keep the width big enough so that it can hold a hidden drawer to keep the clutter you don't want to showcase.
Pendant Lights
Pendant lights are a big hit especially in the bedroom, place the bedroom pendant light asymmetrically in the order that suits your room. This will loosen up the static layout of the room and give it an aesthetic modern look, best for night times.
Full-length Closets
Don’t have space for a wardrobe don’t worry, make a closet in the room with the doors that touch from ceiling to floor. You can also use glass closet doors to make the room look bigger and brighter.
Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants can never go wrong, every room must hold a single indoor plant, that will give an accent and make the room design pop up. Placing an Indoor plant beside your bed will refresh and make a calm environment for your sleep.
Summing Up
A room without furniture is just like an empty room with some paint, the furniture describes and reflects the look and era of your design, whether you want to go old school or modern you have to set the boundaries with the type of furniture you use. Tell us what your thoughts about this article in the comments are.