Most people when the bathtub is not enduring the style, color and starts to wear out the think of a complete bathtub replacement, The thing is that replacing a bathtub isn’t easy and also is very expensive.
When replacing a bathtub, you also must change the pipelining and tiles for the specific type of bathtub that are going to use, this won’t only increase your expense but will also increase the workload and time duration for the construction work. These are the reasons there are other two famous choices are available in the market: bath refinish and bathtub liners. These choices help in solving the issues of property holders who need a restored bath without the cost or bother of supplanting the bathtub.
Both choices share one appealing element—your present tub remains set up. This removes the wreck of destruction. These two things also help to stay on budget and make your bathtub life longer cost-effectively and affordably.
There are some advantages and disadvantages that you have to face while working with them, let's have a look at both effective options.
Bathtub Refinishing
Bathtub refinishing is a complete procedure in which the existing bathtub is coated with a special paint-like mixture that increases the bathtub life and gives it a new look, covering your current bath and encompass. The restoring expert cleans sands, fixes, and paints over your current surface with no compelling reason to eliminate or change the whole bathtub system.
A unique covering made only for baths is utilized, not conventional paint off the rack. The coating formula is different for specific types of bathtubs, contingent upon what material is utilized in the first tub. You can also find bathtub refinishing DIY kits but, they are not as good as professional refinishing, professional bathtub refinishing is more successful and will last you a couple of years.
Steps For Refinishing A Bathtub
The refinishing process requires completing several steps that take around 4 – 5 hours for completion and are all done within your bathroom, yet a sketch for the procedure can be made as followed.
  1. The very first thing to do is to clean the surface of the bathtub thoroughly so, that no dust particles are left behind as it can cause problems ahead.
  2. Next, cover the sides and surfaces around the bathtub to protect them from overspray, or overcoating.
  3. To get the coating to attach to the bathtub it is important to create the right surface, for this purpose sanding is done so that the coating can stick to the surface.
The procedure requires several different chemicals to be applied for a perfect finish and long-lasting ensure.
Pros And Cons For Refinishing
  • The bathtub refinishing does not require any demolition or reconstruction.
  • The Original Tub remains fully intact.
  • It is a cheap and affordable solution for your bathtub remodeling.
  • Takes at least 24 hours to dry out before turning the water on.
  • There’s a lot of order and overspray during the procedure.
  • Coating chip or peel off after a specific time.
Bath Liners
A bath liner is a solid lining that is put within your current tub. If seen before installation, the liner seems to be simply your original tub in a smaller version.
Bath lining can’t be done by yourself, one has to hire a professional company or worker to get the work done for you.
Firstly, the original bathtub is measured by the contractor for getting the properly sized liner. If a proper liner isn't available, that often happens, one is requested for custom manufacture. After the liner is ready, at the time of installation apparatuses, channels, cleanser dishes, and different blocks are taken out.
The liner is introduced directly over the old bath and encompass. The current installations, or new ones, are introduced over the liner.
Pros And Cons of Tub Lining
  • Tub removal isn’t required.
  • The process is odor-free.
  • There isn't a waiting time for the coating to dry out.
  • Easy installation process.
  • The water may trap between the liner and the original surface of the tub.
  • Liners make the bathtub space smaller.
  • Mold and mildew may develop due to trapped water.
Which Option Is Better for You?
Regardless of whether you restore your tub or have a liner introduced relies a great deal upon your fashion instinct just as the elements of your family. The less expensive choice is to refinish the tub, as the refinishing price is about a portion of introducing a liner, and it is likewise the decision that endures the longest.
A restored tub can endure as long as fifteen years, while a liner generally should be supplanted inside five years. Liners regularly give a more current look to your tub, while resurfaced tubs can be a choice to reestablish a tub and safeguard more wistful worth. Liners are by and large more straightforward to clean than a restored tub, however, there is a plausible form created under the liner.
Summing Up
Both lining and refinishing serve the same purpose, it’s up to you and your budget whether you want the lining or refinishing. We have discussed both in detail so that you can decide easily.