DIYs are the best solutions for an easy and cheap renovation or decoration of your Bedroom, Not only the bedroom but the DIY works everywhere in the house. Renovating a bedroom does not require much effort and is the easiest of all. A bedroom is a place that tells the most about your personality and is no doubt the place where you spend most of the time.
If you are planning to give your room a new look and a creative finish, DIYs are the best thing you can do as these small changes will make your okay bedroom go wow. The very first thing you need for making a DIY is paint.
Here are some of the ideas that you can use for your bedroom makeover.
  1. DIY Washi Picture Frame
Walls are the most important part of your room; the walls of a room describe and reflect one's personality. The best way to decorate a wall is by letting your heart out on the wall with the help of paint, decorations, or anything that puts your creativity together.
This DIY idea is the best for people who don't want to poke holes but want to hang their pictures. Create your wall gallery with Washi Tape.
Print the pictures of your preferences into different sizes and then use different colored and patterned Washi tape stick then on onto the wall creating a geometric pattern or gallery-like look. This idea is best for renters to secure their damage fee.
  1. Polka Dots Wall
Who doesn’t know about the classic polka dots? If you want a quick wall renovation or design the easiest DIY for you is the Polka dot design. Simply on a white wall or any white color wall, you can create the effect by adding small black dots. You can use paint, doodle marker, or small circle stickers to create the effect. This will turn into a simple but good to look in your eyes design.
  1. DIY Gemstone Mirror
Mirrors not only reflect the beauty but can also enhance the beauty of your room, for this DIY project you simply require some small sized crystals or gemstones, as per your preference, glue, a mirror whose frame we are going to make, and a wooden board to support the mirror and the frame.
The wooden board should be half or 1 inch bigger than the original mirror so that there is space present on the board for the crystals, Place the Mirror on the wooden board and then stick the crystals on the sides with the help of the glue. Hang the mirror with the help of hooks and a wire. There you have a beautiful and elegant mirror to enhance the beauty of your room.  
  1. Free Hanging Side Table
Save some space with this floating table, this is a simple yet creative idea for a unique design. Take a wooden plank (lightweight ) cut it into your desired shape.
Remember that we are going to tie the table from the ceiling with the help of the rope or string, strings. Cut down small holes in the wood piece so that the string can pass through it. tie a knot on the bottom site to support the wooden plank.
Place a hook in the ceiling and tie the strings holding the wood board. You can use this DIY table to hold lightweight decoration pieces and will look amazing.
  1. DIY Book Plant Pots
If you love to keep plants especially succulents, then this DIY is for you. Forget about the boring plain plots and instead make your book planter.
All you need for this DIY idea is an old thick vintage book, some white glue, parchment paper or a plastic bag, potting soil, and dry moss.
  • Rub a thin layer of white glue, on the loose paper binding. And some between pages so that they roughly stick together.
  • When the glue dries, Cut a square in the center of the book, this is the most effort taking part. Decide what size of the hole you want; the small-sized square is preferable and advised. Cut at least a 1- or 2-inch-deep hole so that it can hold the soil and plant.
  • Prepare the hole by lining it with parchment or plastic, so that the soil stays together and prevents the water from damaging the book pages.
  • Place your soil, compost, and plant in the hole of the book. Remember to use a small-sized Succulent plant as the succulents do not demand much water. It will prevent the book from excess water damage.
  1. Fairy Light Cloud
Create a dreamy vibe in your bedroom with this amazing DIY idea. All you need is a couple of fairy lights and some net cloth.  Place the white net cloth over your bed frame or on the headwall, place the Fairy lights behind the cloth. This will create a beautiful and aesthetic night light vibe perfect for you to have a goodnight's sleep.
Summing Up
Your bedroom is the place where you can let out all your creativity, must try the DIY ideas and tell us which one is your absolute favorite.