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Al Jurf 1

Al Jurf Ajman, one of the most sought-after areas in the Emirate, is situated in the western part. The neighborhood is well-connected and close to the seaside and the Al Ittihad Street section of the E11 expressway. Al Jurf Industrial Area refers to the majority of the area that is made up of business buildings. Retail establishments, good schools, welcoming coffee shops, and residential properties abound in the neighborhood.

In recent years, numerous neighborhoods have popped up in this small town, offering lucrative rental and investment prospects. Al Jurf has been in demand ever since the development was finished. It is regarded as being the Northern Emirates' most cheap neighborhood. The community is routinely considered one of Ajman's top areas for buying and renting villas, according to Ajman properties Annual Real Estate Market Report for 2019.

Community Overview

The residential sections provide green views and a healthy atmosphere near the well-known recreational attraction Al Zorah Golf Club. The fact that Al Jurf Ajman is a pet-friendly neighborhood is the most excellent feature of living there. On well-paved walkways, families can stroll while carrying dogs. Since it is a popular neighborhood in Ajman for families to buy and rent villas and flats, affordability is another essential element in its rising appeal. Due to its ideal location, which is connected to the industrial region and suited for the active community and frequent travelers, residents experience a city lifestyle.

Property Types

Properties In Al Jurf, Ajman

Plots, buildings, and warehouses for rent in Al Jurf Ajman are primarily commercial properties. The shops usually range from 700 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. As a result, you will probably find a suitable alternative based on your needs. In Al Jurf, various stores are available at rentals that are competitive with the market. The annual cost of Offices For Rent In Al Jurf Ajman begins at AED 28,000. The number of commercial spaces devoted to warehouses for sale In Al Jurf Ajman that are up to 80,000 square feet is abundant on the industrial side.

A range of residential villas and apartments are also offered for rent and purchase in the neighborhood. In recent years, it was one of Ajman's top 10 places to buy and rent apartments. Similar to that, large families prefer villas in this area. Consider the three-bedroom villas in Al Jurf if you're seeking rentals in Ajman for less than AED 75,000. Compared to other regions, these homes are lavish and inexpensive.


Apartments For Rent In Al Jurf

Mid-rise structures with ground-floor retail frequently contain rental flats. The different access gates, however, ensure that residents' privacy is not compromised. Smaller apartments in apartment buildings are typically better suited for couples and single people, such as the AED 14k/year studios in Al Jurf. While a 2 Bhk For Rent In Al Jurf Ajman costs between AED 25k and AED 30k, a 1-bedroom apartment is typically available for AED 20k per year. Each unit has a balcony overlooking the garden area and is furnished with all the essential living amenities. There are also many Low-Cost Apartments For Rent In Al Jurf Ajman.

The luxurious villas for rent in Al Jurf, surrounded by lush green lawns, are another option for individuals who love spacious living areas. Large bedrooms, a private pool, two majlises for separate gatherings, and a contemporary kitchen are all features of these homes that match high standards of living. Middle-class renters may afford these houses' rents as well. A 5-bed villa can be rented for no more than AED 98k per year, compared to a 4-bedroom villa's approximate cost of AED 65k. Not only apartments, Shops For Rent In Al Jurf Ajman and Shops For Sale In Al Jurf Ajman are also available.


Sale Trends In Al Jurf, Ajman

One-bedroom apartments typically cost around AED 160k for those looking to purchase one. While 2 BHK apartments in Jurf cost, on average, AED 200k.

Luxury 7-bedroom homes and 4- to 6-bedroom villas are available for anyone wishing to purchase a larger piece of real estate. A basic unit should sell for about AED 1.7 million.

Most Popular Communities In Al Jurf, Ajman

There are four main blocks, one of which is the Al Jurf Industrial Area, which is devoted to commercial buildings. There are numerous warehouses for rent and a wide variety of other business premises, including facilities, offices, shops, and big plots, for sale. Al Jurf 1, 2, and 3 refer to the remaining three blocks.

Al Jurf 1 comprises villas and low- and mid-rise buildings with primarily Studio For Rent In Al Jurf Ajman and 1 Bhk For Rent In Al Jurf Ajman and sale. Al Jurf 2 is entirely residential as well. Al Jurf 3 is the most miniature, well-liked neighborhood home to both rental and for-sale apartment buildings and villas.

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Location & Nearby


Nearby Areas

Residents in this neighborhood benefit from convenient access to the E11 road network and traffic-free travel to surrounding locations. Some nearby neighborhoods include Al Mowaihat, Garden City, and Al Zahra. Additionally, Al Jurf Ajman and Ajman Industrial Area are bordered by each other.

Dining In Al Jurf, Ajman

Al Jurf, Ajman, features several restaurants in the residential area. International restaurant chains like Subway, Sbarro, and Hardee's exist. There are many nearby restaurants in addition to those in malls, such as The Terrace Restaurant, Asmaar Mandi Restaurant, and 800 Pizza. A gazebo is also nearby and is one more option among the top Indian restaurants in Ajman.

Malls In Al Jurf, Ajman

Al Jurf Ajman has a few shopping centers. City Center is the main attraction in this neighborhood, located on Al Ittihad Street. One of Ajman's premier shopping destinations in the mall. Among its many attractions, visitors can find a Carrefour hypermarket and Centrepoint, a sizable mixed-line clothing store. It also features eateries that provide food from throughout the world. The most popular hangout for families and singles is the 6-screen VOX Cinemas.

Beaches Near Al Jurf, Ajman

Beach Zora Resort, an Ajman tourist destination with top-notch amenities and recreational opportunities, may be found when searching for beaches close to Al Jurf. Ajman Beach is a favorite picnic spot nearby and is ideal for further family outings. For those who are feeling more daring, Al Mamzar Beach offers a variety of water activities. Al Mamzar Beach Park also offers a variety of amenities and activities, such as a BBQ area, sports courts, train rides, and more.

Leisure Activities And Notable Landmarks

Residents can visit Al Zorah Golf Club, which offers a variety of recreational activities, including kayaking, to break up the monotonous weekly schedule. Visit Ajman Equestrian Club and Al Tallah Camel Race Course if you enjoy riding camels and horses. The drive to the Ajman Museum, a well-known monument, takes around 14 minutes. People who appreciate viewing displays of architecture, art, and weapons frequent this museum.

Outdoor Activities, Fitness And Beauty

Parks and shady strolling paths encircle residential communities. Kids can ride bikes and stroll their dogs in the gated neighborhood playgrounds. One of the top family parks in Ajman, Al Jurf Community Park, is open seven days a week.

Modern health and fitness centers can be found in residential complexes. Al Reem Gym, Max Gym, Munira Beauty Salon, and Ahhla Beauty Center are a few nearby gyms and salons.

Community Events

There aren't many events in the neighborhood; however, you can visit Ajman Museum if you'd like. Every year, it puts on a cultural festival with folk dances, antique auctions, a section with local cuisine, and a car show.

Consider Things

Ajman's major areas are close by, making the community a prime position. Residents have easy access to the districts of Ajman and can freely travel to their places of employment in Sharjah. However, the area's poor network coverage is not recommended for individuals who use public transportation.