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About Al Ameer English School Ajman

Al Jurf 2, Al Jurf

In 1991, Al Ameer English School was established in Ajman's most desired districts. The school is supported by 50 Admin staff members and 110 faculty members. From kindergarten to the 12th graders, the school teaches by following an Indian Curriculum. The following languages are used as instructive;

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • And French is an additional language.

AAES focuses on Islamic Studies, the Holy Quran's Recitation, and learning Arabic Studies as an additional subject. Till now, neither a local nor an educational agency inspected the school. If we look at the parents' reviews, they say many positive things about AAES.

Following are the highlights of the review of AAES by Ajmanproperties

  • Grades offered
  • Application Methods
  • Transportation details

Residential Areas Near The School

AAES is located at the most top-notch location where the following residential downtown areas are nearby;

Out of these three, one of the closest ones is Al Rawadah 3. One of the significant positive points is that all the places are somehow linked to Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street and Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Street. This location will benefit you with the amenities you will be getting here like shopping centers are nearby, and health facilities are close as well.

If you are looking for some residential areas near AAES, then here are some;

School Campus Details

One of the major facilities that AAES provides is the availability of school uniforms at the school store. With a massive area of 10,800 Sq.m, the school is gigantic. Following are the amenities one can get in AAES.

  • Smart Classrooms with multimedia and attractive whiteboards
  • Audio-Visual Rooms.
  • Science and IT labs.
  • Activity room for KG.
  • Playgrounds and Cafeteria.
  • Medical Clinic and Library.
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School Details

Why Choose Al Ameer English School?

Al Ameer English School has gained society's respect by serving its youngsters for more than 30 years. One of the restrictions that have been a problem in reaching full potential is the lack of leadership and guidance. AAES has been working with leadership and the senior management team to enhance its performance. For South Asian Families, it is a good choice because of the qualities it has.

If you choose AAES, your kid can get a quality education from a single institute because AAES follows the CBSE curriculum from start to Grade 12th. If you want your kids to get modern education before they pursue their careers and yet have cultural Indian Values, then AAES is the right option for you.

Here’s some detailed information about Al Ameer English School that is mandatory before getting your kid admission.

Grades Being Offered at School

Here is what is being offered at AAES.

AAES is a school which is offering Grades from kindergarten to 12th Grade.

School Curriculum

The curriculum followed by AAES is the Central Board of Secondary Examinations (CBSE) curriculum.

The MOE (Ministry of Education) curriculum is followed for the following subjects.

  • Arabic Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Moral Education
  • Social Studies

The primary purpose of these subjects' inclusion in the curriculum is cultural. So that the kids could learn more about their values. The center of attention in the curriculum is to bring forth creative and critical thinking in the students. Following are the subjects that help students in preparation for the CBSE exam.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Arabic
  • Social Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Islamic Studies/Moral Education
  • For the second language, French, Hindi, or Malayalam.

Distance Learning

Following the instructions of NCEMA (National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority), from January 2022, all the schools in the UAE will discontinue remote learning.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar of AAES starts in April and ends in March, like all other Academic schools in Ajman. Including all the school events, national, Islamic holidays, and critical days, the school stay's open for 10 months. The accurate dates for Islamic holidays are dependent on the lunar calendar.

  • The 1st week of April is the time for the first term to start, which will end in the last week of June.
  • After the 1st term, there will be a summer break for 2 months.
  • In the last week of August, 2nd term will begin, which will last till the 2nd week of December.
  • After the end of the 2nd term, there will be a winter break for 3 weeks.
  • In the first week of January, the 3rd term starts, which lasts until the 3rd week of March.


COVID-19 Regulations

As per the UAE government's order, the UAE's schools will be open from August 2021. Following the safety guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education, AAES will play its role in restricting the spread of Covid-19. Both the students and faculty members will have to follow the guidelines. Here are the SOPs for the academic year 2021-2022.

  • Testing negative for Covid-19 is mandatory for the students and the staff.
  • Before entering the school premises in the morning, teachers and students must record their body temperatures.
  • There will be fewer students to accommodate n a single classroom by keeping in mind the 1-meter gap guideline. The floor will be marked physically to ensure it stays at the proper distance.
  • Lockers will be allowed to use if there is no violation of distances and gap maintenance.
  • Playing areas will be prohibited for students temporarily. Like that, so will the dressing rooms, reading corners, and indoor soft play areas.
  • Students in grades less than 6th will no longer have to wear masks.
  • All school people, including students, staff, and teachers, must bring more than one mask.
  • Busses will be going on a usual with safety measures.
  • In cafeterias, only limited students can stay at once, and the seating arrangements will be marked with an acceptable distance of 2 meters.
  • There will be no live cooking on school premises, and home-cooked lunch would be appreciated. Pre-selected and pre-packed lunch services will be available.
  • For School events, extracurricular activities, after-school clubs, and activities will be carried out under a code of discipline and protocol approved by AAES.
  • Trips, holiday camps, and sports will be resumed with protocols.
  • Swimming will be allowed as well.
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Location & Nearby


Admission and Fees

How to Apply?

The method of first come and first get is applied to the admissions of AAES. Here is the step-by-step process that you need to follow.

  • Fill out the online application for registration.
  • Submit the form and get the confirmation via message and email.
  • You will receive the details, like the meeting time with the principal or vice-principal, via message.
  • At the meeting, you will have to have a printout of the filled registration form along with the following documents.
  • Four passport-sized photos that shout be recent.
  • Along with a valid visa and 2 copies of the passport.
  • A copy of the birth certificate.
  • Two copies of your Child's fitness certificate and vaccination card copy
  • Two copies of parents' passports with a valid visa page.
  • If you have a single copy of the health card/ insurance card.
  • Original & attested Transfer Certificate.
  • A copy of the previous mark sheet or report card.
  • If you seek admission in 11th Grade, then a copy of the Grade 10 CBSE board exam mark list.
  • If you seek admission in 10th to 12th Grade, then a copy of the Grade 9th to 11th CBSE board exam mark list.
  • For admission to 11th Grade, a copy of the Grade 10 CBSE migration certificate.
  • If you seek admission in grades from 9th to 12th, then Original Conduct Certificate.
  • You must pay the registration fee of 210 AED, which will be non-refundable and not transferable. Bring its submission proof, like a bank statement or receipt.
  • Your Child will be called in for an age-appropriate assessment.
  • If your child has cleared the entrance exam, then admission will be granted.

Following are the details on the age requirements by AAES for various grades.


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School Facilities

Lunch and Snack Options

Students of AAES are allowed to bring lunch from home. Other than that, they can also buy their lunch from the school’s cafeteria.

School Transportation

AAES provides the amenity of transportation by Bus Service. Following are the areas covered by the bus service.

  • Ajman
  • Sharjah
  • Umm Al Quwain

If you want to facilitate yourself and your Child with AAES's Transportation, then you will have to visit the school and discuss your pick-up and drop-off location for your kid with the manager along with the time. After that, you must pay the required charges, and your kid will be allowed to use the Bus Service. One of the most important reminders is that if you change your address, you must notify the AAES transportation department. ASAP!

To make the journey safe, high-quality buses are used. We make sure there is either a guard or a bus attendant who ensures your kid's safety. If any of the policies are violated either by your Child or you, then transportation facilities provided to a respective student will be discontinued.

Here are the details of the charges:

  • For Ajman: 200 AED per month.
  • For Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain: 220 AED per Month.

Sports Activities

AAES emphasizes the involvement of students in sports as it keeps their bodies in sound health. There is a vast ground for cricket and football. For badminton and basketball, there are special courts. For the students of KG, there is n activity room where they can get involved in learning activities and games.

Extracurricular Activities

For students learning to enhance, AAES has introduced the following activities;

  • Karate
  • Dance
  • Yoga    
  • Football
  • Cricket Arts and Crafts
  • Literary Club   
  • Brain Gym
  • Abacus Life Skills
  • Music  
  • Horse Riding
  • Swimming       

Extra Activities Arrangements

Every student shines in their way. To compensate and enhance the skills of those who seek to learn, AAES provides additional training classes thrice a week from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm for:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Karate

Field Trips from School

To encourage learning abilities in students not just in school but in the outside world as well, AAES arranges tours like field trips and vocational trips. Here's a list of places where AAES has taken its students on tours:

  • Tourist attractions in Ajman
  • Heritage Sites in Ajman
  • Attractions in the Neighboring Emirates

The students for whom the trips are arranged ate either 6th Graders or above. There were some international tours in Singapore, the USA, and the UK.

Health Care at School

There is a well-equipped clinic on the premises for emergencies at AAES. The medical assistants and the qualified nurses at the clinic are highly proficient at treating minor injuries, providing first aid, and maintaining the medical record of students as well. Not just providing medical assistance, they are also involved in creating awareness about oral and physical hygiene by giving some sessions to students on and off.

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Communication Between Parents and Teachers

If you want to be a part of your Child's academic year, there are many ways of communication with teachers for parents. Details are as follows:

  • An open-door policy was introduced by the principal so that parents could have a meeting with teachers anytime about their Child's performance
  • A portal for the parents so that you could reach
  • The academic calendar of the year.
  • Keep track of school events & schedules.
  • Exact examination dates.
  • Announcements of result day.
  • Record of student’s academic report and attendance.
  • Your Child's progress in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Your Child’s account history.

School Contact Information

Telephone Number: +971-6-743-6600

Emails: General Enquiries: mail@alameerschool.com

Admission Enquiries:  mail@alameerschool.com

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