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About Al Rawda 2 Area

Al Rawada 2

Ajman's Al Rawda 2 neighborhood is located close to the border with Sharjah. Al Rawda, which comprises the subcommunities Al Rawda 1 and Al Rawda 3, shares boundaries with the neighborhood. The region, mainly a residential area, provides its people with several facilities. Despite being outside Ajman, the town maintains an active way of life because of the amenities and recreational possibilities nearby.

Community Overview

Family-friendly Al Rawda 2 is widely recognized for the diversity of residential villas. Low-rise apartments are also present in the neighborhood. Studios, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom flats are simple to obtain in the region, albeit less common than villas. This subcommunity's people enjoy a comfortable way of life. The neighborhood is teeming with various eateries, stores, and mosques. Residents also benefit from easy access to various leisure alternatives because of the area's excellent connectivity with surrounding areas. The following are the community's main features:

  • Sports Park and the Al Tallah Camel Racetrack are easily accessible.
  • It's only a short drive to Galleria Mall.
  • Rapid access to prestigious educational institutions and retail areas

Property Types

Apartments and villas make up Al Rawda 2's residential real estate. Several different layouts are available in the neighborhood for those searching for villas. The community's villas come in various sizes, from 3,200 square feet to over 10,000 square feet. The neighborhood's three and four-bedroom villas range from 2,400 to 5,000 square feet. The typically covered size of a five-bedroom villa is 5,000 square feet, although the neighborhood also has over 10,000 square feet of huge homes. 3 to 7-bedroom homes are readily available for purchase as well as rent. There are also villas in Al Rawda 2, 5 BHK for sale in Al Rawda 2, 7 BHK for sale in Al Rawda 2, and apartments for Rent in Al Rawda 2.

  • The Yearly rent for 3- and 4-bedroom villas is from AED 50k to AED 70k.
  • Villas with five bedrooms may be rented between AED 60k and AED 95k per month.
  • In contrast, 5-bedroom homes start at AED 1.3 million and may cost up to 2 million.
  • The average cost of a 6-bedroom villa is AED 1.5M, whereas the national average rent is AED 80k.
  • A 7-bedroom property with rental rates between AED 75k and AED 90k is available for sale for about AED 2.5M.
  • Apartments ranging from studios to three bedrooms are available in Al Rawda 2.
  • AED 15k per year is what renters seeking studio apartments may anticipate paying.
  • Al Rawda 2 offers one-bedroom flats for rent at rates ranging from AED 18k to AED 25k annually.
  • Apartments with two bedrooms typically cost AED 33k per year to rent.

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Location & Nearby


Nearby Areas

Al Rawda 2 is located between Al Rawda 1 and Al Rawda 3's sub-communities. The neighborhood is situated next to Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street and near the following residential areas:

  • Ibn Jurf
  • Tallah, Al
  • Mowaihat Al

As for entertainment, there are a few alternatives close to the neighborhood for residents to choose from, including:

  • Camel Racing at Al Tallah
  • Park Sports
  • Club de golf Al Zorah
  • Park Al Jurf Family

Dining In Al Rawda 2

There are several restaurants to choose from in the area. Since there are so many eateries in Al Rawda 2, everyone who lives there may quickly go out to eat. Fast food businesses, cafés, and casual dining establishments are among them.

Popular options among the locals include:

  • Pasta & Pizza With Broccoli
  • Amwaj Al Bahar Dining Room
  • Al-Mashakeek Dar
  • Mr. Junior
  • Layali Restaurant and Cafe in Beirut

Amwaj Al Bahar Restaurant is an established buffet restaurant, whereas Broccoli Pizza & Pasta is an Italian fast-food franchise. While Papa Junior is a well-known seafood restaurant, Dar AlMashakeek is famous for its traditional Arabic cuisine, including mandi. Arabic food is served at Layali Beirut Restaurant and Cafe in a posh atmosphere.

Al Rawda 2 is close to several eateries, offering the locals even more options.

Malls Near Al Rawda 2

There are several retail centers in and around the neighborhood. These provide the locals a wider choice of alternatives and include little retail stores, charming shopping centers, and large malls. Among the places to shop are:

  • A variety of fashion brands are featured in Galleria Mall.
  • China Mall - sells a range of goods made in China.
  • Abaya Land is a store where you may buy abaya clothing.
  • The Gold Center has jewelry and gold retailers.

A short drive from the neighborhood lies the 2-story Galleria Mall. The shopping center gathers a variety of retail establishments and leisure choices in one location. The mall is a popular destination for shopaholics since it has more than 90 stores, a food court, and a play area.

One of the shopping centers near Al Rawda 2 is China Mall. The big mall's primary specialties are wholesale goods, appliances, hardware, and other home furnishings. There are a few specialty shopping centers in the neighborhood in addition to these. Abaya Land and Gold Center are two of these.

Beaches Near Al Rawda 2

Ajman Corniche and Al Zorah Public Beach are among the beaches close to Al Rawda 2. These well-known Ajman beaches are a 20-minute drive away. Ajman Corniche is a popular destination for locals seeking a pleasant day on the city's beautiful beachfront. Visitors may stroll down the promenade or take in the lovely shore views at this location. The waterfront also has a wide selection of food and drink options.

You may engage in various water sports at Al Zorah Public Beach, or you can opt to tent, grill, or have a picnic instead.

Leisure Activities And Notable Landmarks

Al Rawda 2 is not far from Al Tallah Camel Racecourse. The racetrack hosts camel racing to showcase genuine Arabic culture. The location is also excellent for family camping and barbecues. Typically, visitors arrive late at night or early in the morning to take advantage of the pleasant climate and stunning surroundings. One of the city's most well-known monuments is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque on University Street. The magnificent mosque, which has traditional Arabic architecture, is a must-see.

Outdoor Activities, Fitness And Beauty

Al Rawda 2 is not far from Sports Park. The park has well-kept grass, kid-friendly play spaces, and fitness equipment. The area is fantastic for family outings and even working exercises. It is open 24 hours a day, offers free admission, and is frequented by locals. There are several gyms in and around the area for folks who enjoy staying in shape. These include Gabbana Fitness Center, Strong Man Gym, and Time Fitness Gym. The community's boundaries include several salons, including Lily Salon, Raghda Beauty Saloon, Velvet Beauty Saloon, and Golden Spa.

Community Events

To see camel racing, many locals go to Al Tallah Camel Racecourse. The racecourse, which is close to Al Rawda 2, hosts racing activities from October to March. The racetrack is particularly well-known for its Camel Festival, which is held in February. Visitors from all around the UAE attended the event.

Consider Things

Al Rawda 2 provides a variety of facilities in addition to well-maintained homes. However, there aren't many choices for public transportation. However, a few bus stops are nearby for those who use public transit.