The International School Of Choueifat Ajman
  • The International School Of Choueifat Ajman
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About The International School Of Choueifat Ajman

Al Talla 1

The International School of Choueifat Ajman (ISC-Ajman) started its journey in September 2016. Being one of the few schools offering trilingual education, ISC offers grades from KG 1 to 11.

ISC follows the curriculum of SABIS as the SABIS network of schools owns it. One of its goals is to reach a complete K-12 education program and offer its students a challenging curriculum to increase their competence, always according to the international community's standards.

Residential Areas near the School

Some of the nearby residential areas near the school are:

Al Mowaihat, the closest among all, is a residential community near the Sharjah Ajman border to the south of Ajman. It is further divided into 3 sb-categories where people can get apartments for rent or sale.

Towards the suburbs of the city, Al Rawda is located that is also close to Sharjah Border. This place is close to many highways, so it gets easy for people to visit other emirates.

Muwafjah is a place that is not considered too far away from ISC. It is a community consisting of large villas located on the outskirts of Sharjah. Being a family-friendly community, it is considered a top place to live near ISC. You can get a villa of your choice in this community.

School Campus Details

From 2 kilometers from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, ISC is located. The total humungous area of the school is 70,000 Sq.m. Here are the required details of some of the top-notch facilities provided by ISC.

  • spacious classrooms
  • computer labs
  • science labs
  • auditorium
  • semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • A race track surrounds Olympic Soccer Field.
  • Indoor/outdoor Basketball field
  • Indoor/outdoor Tennis court
  • E-books
  • Testing center
  • Smart TV in classrooms

Following are the features of the KG section of ISC.

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Multi-purpose indoor court
  • A particular car track.
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School Details

Why chose the International School of Choueifat?

The education system of ISC is trilingual. The academic sketch and plan of ISC have been developed for years to balance academics and enhance self-development & Life skills. ISC's education system based on SABIS can prepare students for what they will face in the future, which is way beyond a classroom. They enhance the learning skills of students and make them responsible.

ISC offers a blend of Traditional/cultural values along with academics. One of their main goals is to get recognition as an institute with a diverse student body and a top-class education provider. Proficient teachers are skilled enough to help students thrive even more in school and college. Despite maintaining a high-quality education provider, ISC wants to do more to keep ethical and cultural values in students.

Grades Being Offered at School

Grades being offered at ISC are from KG to Grade 11.

School Curriculum

The school follows the comprehensive curriculum of SABIS. It provides optimum learning goals daily to all grades.

In Grade 4, the SABIS curriculum starts, and the curriculum includes all the fundamental learning aspects required. Most of it has easily understandable and basic concepts and essential questions. For efficient students, there are some extra inclusions.

For preparing the students for college, a challenging curriculum is planned. Some of the essential subjects include.

  • English
  • Science
  • Math
  • World Languages

Academic Calendar at School

There are 3 full terms in an academic year at The International School Of Choueifat.

  • On September 1st, the 1st term starts.
  • Winter break starts on December 15th and ends on January 2nd.
  • For the 2nd term, the classes continue from January 3rd.
  • Spring break starts from March 29th to April 9th.
  • The last and final term ends on June 25th, the last day of school.

Distance Learning at School

Following the instructions of The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), distant learning will not be continued from January 1st. So, there will be no remote learning at ISC.

Covid-19 Regulations

Per the instructions for opening schools by the government of UAE for the academic year 2021-22. ISC will open up with safety guidelines as the Ministry of Education instructed, and all the SOPs will be followed.

  • It would be necessary to get tested negatively for covid-19 before rejoining the school for both the students and the school staff.
  • Measuring the body temperature is mandatory for all teachers and students before entering the premises.
  • The capacity of each classroom to accommodate students will be reduced. The distance of 1 meter will be maintained by marking the position of desks 1 meter apart from each other.
  • Students will be allowed to use lockers only if the distance is maintained.
  • Some places will be temporarily closed, like dressing rooms, indoor playing areas, and reading corners with soft furniture.
  • Students who are younger than 6 wouldn’t have to wear a mask.
  • For all the students above grade 1, keep at least 2 masks.
  • The school buses will go on per schedule but with extra safety measures.
  • In the canteen area, seating arrangement will be marked with a distance of 2 meters, and only a few students will be allowed at a time.
  • Students can get homemade lunch as there will be no live cooking on campus. The services of pre-packed lunch will be available at school.
  • Only after maintaining SOPS will extracurricular activities, after-school clubs, and activities be allowed.
  • Holiday camps, field trips, and sports events can be resumed.
  • Swimming pools will be allowed as well.
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Location & Nearby


Admission and Fees

How to Apply?

Students from all backgrounds are accepted at ISC. The only condition is the interest of the student in learning. Parents can apply for students online by downloading the form, filling it out, and submitting it. That's how you can request admission at ISC. These admission forms are available on the online website of ISC.

Requirements for KG Admission:

  • Age shouldn’t be less than 4 years.
  • Kids should be trained and know how to use the toilet.
  • They should be able to learn and follow instructions.
  • A diagnostic test will be hosted for all subjects, and passing it will be mandatory.
  • Students would have to appear in a video conference call interview. (For students from KG to grade 2)

Those candidates applying for grade 3 admissions would have to pass a diagnostic test; if the student gives it, the school will decide about the student's placement. Extra classes will be arranged in the summer if the student is weak.

The results of interviews and online tests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Social and emotional development and motivation are additional criteria for admission.

Important documents you will need while applying.

  • Copy of valid residence visa of student’s parents.
  • Copy of student’s and parent’s passports.
  • Passport-size photographs of the student, including a plain white background.
  • The copy of the valid student's and parent's Emirates ID card.
  • The Copy of the birth certificate of the student.
  • Copy of immunization record of the student.
  • For admissions in Grade 1 and above, the resulting certificate of the previous school.

Fee Structure

The fee structure of ISC is as follows.

Parents can pay the annual fee in 3 equally divided installments. But it won't have the charges for the following services.

  • Transportation
  • Uniform
  • Books
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Lunch
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School Facilities


School Transportation

ISC provides transportation for students via busses and shuttle services for Ajman, Sharjah, and Dubai. You will have to pay the transportation charges in 3 installments.

Sports Activities

Participating in sports is considered as important as learning the syllabus at ISC. There are 4 zones in an annual sports day where students compete for the winner's title. Throwing, running, balancing, and water sports are some activities.

In Inter-Choueifat school competitions, a football team of 10 boys participates. Participation in Inter-Choueifat Gymnastics Competition is optional.

Extracurricular Activities

According to SABIS educational system, extracurricular activities are considered essential. Students get a chance to enhance and develop new talents, interests, hobbies, techniques, and skills when participating in various academic, scientific and physical ECAs.

Here are a few categories for extracurricular activities.

  • Arts & Craft
  • Taekwondo
  • Piano
  • Swimming

Field Trips from School

Recreational and educational trips are planned throughout the year. For students of grade 1, a trip to Green Planet Dubai is arranged.

After-School Care at school

Some extracurricular activities are offered during after-school hours.

Health Care at School

There is a clinic and a school nurse for medical emergencies and minor injuries during school hours. Suppose the student has an ongoing medical condition, then he can get treated by the school's doctor. Parents must provide details like; the child’s name, class, time, and dose of the medication. Medication can also be provided to school bus attendants for some problematic situations.

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Communication Between Parents and Teachers

Parents are allowed to meet with their child's teacher after an appointment. Whenever a matter should be discussed with the student's parents, the school calls the parents for a meeting.

At the end of each term and before the new term starts, ISC sends 3 result cards to parents to keep track of their child's performance. It is also possible for the parents to request a copy of their child's academic record to keep track of the student's improvement. If the student needs special heed and advancement, they can stay back after school hours to learn more.

Parents can also review students' upgraded progress at the SABIS Educational portal, which is protected by a password provided to the parents by the school. Including academic performance, parents can also view their kids' attendance, calendars, events, and news of school as well.


School Contact Information

Here's how you can contact the school.

Telephone: +971-6-742-1111

Email ID: iscajman@sabis.net 

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