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About Frontline International Private School Ajman

Al Talla 2

FIPS welcomed its first batch of students in 2017 in one of Ajman's most attractive and demanding emirates. The academic curriculum is based on the national curriculum of England, and it offers grades from KG 1 to 8th grade. It is expected that FIPS will soon start a high school as well. For the academic year 2021-22, the 10th-grade admissions will also be open.

Built on a spacious area of 5 acres, the campus of Frontline International School has to offer ultra-modern facilities to the students.

Being a private school, it provides top-class education based on a curriculum affiliated with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Located in one of the demanding residential areas of Al Tallah 2, this school is a top priority for parents.

Residential Areas Near The School

The school is also in a prime location of the sub-community no 2 of Al Tallah. This area has all the amenities to lead a luxurious life, including supermarkets, restaurants, and schools. Here are some residential areas near the school.

One of the closed areas near the school is Al Mowaihat 3 and 1. These are both sub-communities of Al Mowaihat, and you can get both villas and apartments for rent here. Here is a guide if you are looking for apartments and villas near a school.

Parents also looking for accommodation near the school can check out:

School campus Details

If we talk about amenities, then security provided by the school should be the top-most priority in facilities. The school offers foolproof security. All the exit points of the school are loaded with surveillance cameras, and the school has hired the most proficient guards.

The state-of-the-art architecture of the campus provided numerous facilities like well-equipped smart classrooms, play areas, and tech labs to provide an optimal learning environment for students.

In a single classroom, no more than 25 students can accommodate. Here are the facilities that a student gets in a school.

  • Whiteboards
  • Projectors
  • Television sets
  • Sound systems
  • Stable Network Connection

The campus has the following other facilities

  • Science laboratories
  • Math lab
  • Computer labs

Well-equipped library with many options for research, journals, and other readings.

The multi-purpose auditorium can accommodate over 1,200 students. The school has separate canteens for boys and girls with healthy munching options. Here are some high-quality facilities provided by the school.

  • Prayer room
  • Football field
  • Cricket ground
  • Basketball court
  • Transportation
  • Art studio
  • Badminton court
  • 2 table tennis tables
  • Gymnasium
  • Medical Clinic
  • Music Studio 
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School Details

Why Choose Frontline International Private School?

FIPS has been pretty eminent since it got launched. Parents consider it their best choice, and it is listed among the best British school in Ajman. The school has received positive feedback from the students and parents about the school.

At FIPS, academics are focused on at school and extracurricular and co-curricular activities, including the Development of a good personality in students. Taking part in various projects like community service can alleviate the confidence level of the students.

Grades Being Offered at School

As mentioned above, the British curriculum is followed at FIPS. The education provided is from KG 1 to Grade 8th. The admission for grade 10th will be open for the academic year 2021-22.

School Curriculum

There are 5 basic regulations of the Frontline International Private School curriculum:

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Essential Questions
  • Vocabulary, Writing Mystery
  • High Order Assessment
  • Standards-Based Learning

According to the British Curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation (EYFS), the KG students will be taught the basic concepts and introduced to writing, reading, numbers, listening, and speaking skills. Kids get to participate in various learning-based activities with teacher guidance.

At the KG level, the most essential 6 learning aspects are:

  • Language, Communication, and Literacy
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Overall Physical Development
  • Creative Development of the student.
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning, and Numeracy
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

At the primary level, students are also introduced to different types of quizzes, assignments, project works, and extracurricular activities. Their curriculum takes a level up, and their studies get challenging. Various assessments are carried out so that teachers can assess students' performance in academics.

Here is a subject breakdown for primary school students:

  • Islamic Studies
  • Art and Music
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Arabic
  • Computing
  • English
  • Mathematics

Distance Learning at School

According to the guideline of MOE, to facilitate the student, FIPS will be offering distance learning programs from January 2021. Parents need to follow the guidelines to make the distance learning experience worth it.

Academic Calendar at School

In August, the academic calendar of FIPS starts and lasts until the end of July. Details of the terms and holidays are mentioned below.

  • From the last week of August to the 2nd week of December, 1st term lasts.
  • Then students enjoy a 3-week winter vacation.
  • The 2nd term's duration starts in the first week of January and ends in the last week of March.
  • Then students enjoy a 2-week spring break.
  • In the 2nd week of April, the 3rd term starts and ends in the last week of June.
  • Students then get to enjoy summer vacation.

COVID-19 Regulations

It is essential to control the spread of Covid-19 and ensure the safety of students as well. To do so, the UAE government decided to reopen schools with safety measures. That's why the Ministry of Education issued some guidelines to implement:

  • Measuring body temperature is mandatory for everyone entering the school premises.
  • It is mandatory to maintain a social distancing gap of 2-meters.
  • School buses will run according to schedule, and only 30 students will be allowed in a bus at a time.
  • The school will be sterilized from time to time.
  • After implementing the safety guidelines, the school canteen will be allowed to run. Students will be appreciated to bring homemade lunches.
  • Ministry of Health will monitor kids with specific health conditions.
  • Specific activities will be paused, like school events, field trips, extracurricular activities, after-school clubs and activities, sports events, holiday camps, and celebrations.
  • Swimming pools will not be allowed for training.
  • Maintenance and the cleaning staff will not be allowed to enter the premises while students are present.
  • School fees will be the same for this academic year, and a few selected students might be offered discounts.
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Location & Nearby


Admission and Fees

How to Apply?

The only criteria for getting admission at FIPS is the first-come-first-get basis. You can apply for your child's admission from KG 1 to grade 9.

The first step within the admission process is registering for the entrance test. The submission of the form will take place to the school secretary. After passing the test, your child will receive the result. Then students will be called in for a counseling session with parents.

Right after the counseling session, students will be given a tour of the campus so they can also have an idea of what to expect. The principal of the school will interview the students and parents as well. Followed by an admission form submission, you will need to attach the following documents and the admission fee receipt.

  • Original Emirates ID of student and 2 copies of it as well.
  • Also, Two copies of the Passport of the student with a valid visa.
  • 2 copies of the student’s birth certificate
  • Six recent passport-size photographs of the student
  • For students of grade 2 and above, original transfer or leaving certificate
  • For students of grade 2 and above Copy of the last report card
  • Also, the passport copy of both parents with a valid visa
  • Copies of Emirates ID of both parents.
  • A copy of the vaccination card
  • Khulasath Qaid – only for UAE nationals

For international applicants, the transfer/ leaving certificate should be attested by:

  • From The Ministry or Department of Education of the original country
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the original government or embassy/consulate of the original homeland in the UAE
  • The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Except for the students transferring from the USA, Canada, North America, Europe, and Australia.

Fee Structure

The tuition fee of the Frontline International School is surprisingly affordable considering the quality of education it provides and the no of facilities available. The fact that it is providing a 15% discount on the annual tuition fee is like a cherry on top.

Despite the tuition fee, there will be some additional charges like:

  • Charges for books.
  • A revision fee of 500 AED.
  • Uniform fee of AED 500, inclusive of 5% VAT
  • KG 1 to Grade 7, charges will be AED 750.
  • For grades 8 to Grade 12, charges will be AED 900.

It is possible to pay the annual tuition fee in three post-cheques. The fee for books, uniforms, and reservation fees is not refundable. At the same time, the transportation and tuition fees are refundable. Following are the scenarios:

  • Only one month’s tuition fee will be charged for the student who attended school for 2 weeks or less.
  • For students who attended school between 2 weeks and a month, a tuition fee of 2 months will be charged.
  • A tuition fee of 3 months will be charged
  •  for students who attended school for a month.

The school also offers kinship discounts to parents. For the 2nd child, there will be a 5% discount for the 3rd and 4th child there will be a 10% & 15% discount respectively. Parents who pay the annual fee in one payment will get a total of 5% discount on the annual fee.

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School Facilities

Lunch and Snack Option

The school has a vast cafeteria that can accommodate more than 300 students. At the cafeteria, students can enjoy various healthy and nutritious food.

Mandatory rules while having lunch at school:

  • Students need to stay at their assigned desks.
  • No eatables are allowed outside the cafeteria.
  • The aluminum cans and bottles will be thrown in the recycle baskets, and the rest of the litter will go in garbage bins.
  • Strictly prohibited to throw away food in the canteen and other places.
  • It is not allowed to bring glass containers from home.

School Transportation

Students at FIPS can facilitate themselves by getting transportation services to the school. All the vehicles are owned by the school and air-conditioned as well. Students can either get service for one-way transportation or two-way transportation.

The busses are well-equipped with

  • A first-aid kit
  • A surveillance camera
  • Child lock
  • GPS
  • Electronic attendance scanner
  • Bus conductor

The transportation charges are not included in the tuition fee for the students, and parents need to pay them separately. Here are the details of the transportation charges:

  • 3,000 AED for Ajman
  • 3,500 AED for Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain. and Ras Al Khaimah.

Before your kid signs up for transportation services, parents must discuss the pick-up and drop-off points of the students with transportation in charge. If the student is on leave, parents must inform either the transportation office or the bus driver to avoid misunderstandings and panic. If parents are picking up the students, they must notify school transportation services 2 hours before pick-up.

You will be informed via message to avoid panic if unwanted delays occur.

Sports Activities

Following are the eminent sports facilities provided by FIPS to its students;

  • Cricket Grounds
  • Football Fields
  • Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • 2 table-tennis tables
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor sports complex

Extracurricular Activities

It is essential for students to develop socially, emotionally, and mentally as well. To ensure it is happening, the school encourages its students to participate in extracurricular activities. Both junior and senior students have many options to enjoy extracurricular activities at school. Here are some examples:

  • Sports
  • Drama club
  • Music Club
  • Science fair

These activities allow students to explore their passion and discover their potential.

Field Trips from School

One of the best ways of enhancing students' learning skills is to provide them with a break from their studies and recreational opportunities like field trips and tours. These trips are continuous throughout the academic year.

The school also arranges educational trips where students get to learn outside of the classroom in a real-life setup. But students appreciate recreational tours more. Here are the places where recent times were arranged for students.

  • Tourist attractions
  • Beaches 
  • Parks in Ajman

Health Care at School

The school also has a medical clinic on campus to deal with medical emergencies and minor injuries.

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Communication Between Parents and Teachers

It always benefits the students when the parents are involved in their studies and academics. Following research, it is evident that students' performance and behavior are enhanced when their parents take an interest in their studies.

FIPS has made it mandatory for parents to attend the meetings at the school. These meetings are arranged almost thrice a year. The student's behavior, performance in academics, and interests are discussed with the parents. Parents become a part of the Parent-Teacher Association when students get admission to FIPS.

Here are the duties that parents need to fulfill:

  • Make sure that the student is spending time studying at home as well.
  • If the child is doing homework on time or not.
  • If any problems are seen, then contact the school administration.
  • Parents can contact the Frontline Private School through emails, social media, websites, and contact numbers.

School Contact Information

Telephone Number: +971-6-740-6688

Mobile Number: +971-50-171-2284


General Enquiries: info@frontlineschool.ae

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