Privacy Policy

This privacy policy manages our registered members' personal information, other members, and potential members. The primary purpose of this policy is to permit Ajmanproperties.ae users to decide after viewing the privacy policy. Ajmanproperties.ae values and will always value users’ privacy who use our website and services.
The privacy policy is subject to the terms and conditions of uses of Ajmanproperties.ae
In short, personal information is information or data used to identify an individual related to an individual.

Why is the Collection of Information Necessary for Ajmanproperties.ae?

To conduct business, meet mandatory legal conditions, and provide and market Ajmanproperties.ae services. We collect the personal information of Users.

Whose personal information is collected by Ajmanproperties.ae?

The information collected by us has the following information and may include information about:
•   And potential members and registered members
   Various suppliers and their employees.

What is the type of personal information that Ajmanproperties.ae collects?

Ajmanproperties.ae information includes addresses, names, contact details, occupations, etc. This information helps us conduct our business, provide and market our services, and meet our legal obligations and products.
In some cases, we will not be able to provide the required service or product if the required information is not provided to us.

What is the method of collecting personal information by Ajmanproperties.ae?

Personal Information that you will provide: 
Ajmanproperties.ae collects personal information by filling out various forms, outlines, posting and faxing, interviews, meetings, business cards, and conversations with a third party. To make our website as convenient as possible, we use cookies. You can also reject the use of cookies by changing your browser’s settings. It will have a limitation that will result in restricted use of some parts of our website.

Can Ajmanproperties.ae disclose and use your Personal Information?

Ajmanproperties.ae has the right to disclose and use your personal information for various legal and random purposes we collected. The information collected is for reasonable secondary purposes, and they are related to the primary purpose and in other circumstances authorized by law.
Following are the reasons for which we use or disclose your information.
•   For business conduction.
•   To provide and market our services and products.
•   To act by our legal obligations.

•   To purchase from you
•   To have a communication with you.

   To enhance our services and manage them.
You can opt out of receiving emails from us, some of them or all containing advertisements or promoting goods or services. Our promotional emails will have a link that allows you to alter the settings from which you can eliminate or restrict getting promotional emails from us.
We might perform statistical analyses by aggregating personal information of all users or groups of our website or services and provide that information to third parties, including advertisers, for marketing and promotional purposes. But the information provided to the third party will not be and cannot be used to access or identify you.
We can also use your personal information if we reasonably believe that doing so may alleviate our accountability.

Ajmanproperties.ae can disclose your personal information to whom?

Ajmanproperties.ae can disclose your personal information to:
•   Various companies or individuals who help and assist us in providing services and those who perform functions on our behalf.
•   Courts, tribunals, and regulatory authorities are mentioned as mandatory by law or needed.
•   With those with whom you allowed us to share your data.

What about third parties that are linked?

Ajmanproperties.ae website does have links that lead to third-party websites; they are not associated with Ajmanproperties.ae. We are not responsible for their privacy practices because we do not share your personal information with them. If you click on a link to a third-party website, you will and can review that website's privacy policy; after that, you can check what information has been collected or not.

Deletion and management of personal information

To keep the personal information secure and protected, we take steps; we refrain from misusing it, disclosing, or modifying it by using physical security and restricted access to electronic records.
Ajmanproperties.ae personnel are ordered to respect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of users and individuals.
We destroy and delete your personal information when we no longer require it to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands.
At your request, we can delete your personal information and data that we have stored about you.
For any queries and resolving confusion, you can contact us at

How does Ajmanproperties.ae keep all the personal information accurate and updated?

We venture to ensure that the personal information we store is correct and precise, complete, and updated. We recommend you contact us if you need to or want to update the personal information you provided us while registering as a member. You can also edit the lead at Ajmanproperties.ae website.

You can get access to information related to you, and you possess a right to

According to the exceptions set out in the Privacy Act, you can get access to the personal information that we have stored about you.
You can contact us at support@ajmanproperties.ae.
After verifying your identity, we will need you to tell us the specific information you need. You can get charged a fee to gain access. We will inform you about the fee charges and details beforehand.

Information about the collection of non-personal data by Ajmanproperties.ae?

We collect some of the information like browser, IP addresses, referring URLs, requested URL, and timestamp data. We do so to maintain Ajmanproperties.ae website and provide various services from it. We might also use this information to perform statistical analyses and inform advertisers about this type of information.

Privacy Policy for Children

Children under the age of 13 years are not allowed to access our website and use our services. Ajmanproperties.ae does not collect personal information of children under 13 years. If we know if a child under 13 years of age is using the website, we will restrict the use and inform them that they are not allowed to use our website.

Fusion, Sale, Failure, or Acquisition  

If Ajmanproperties.ae merges or fuses with other entities, you will be transferred or informed accordingly. As a part of the acquisition, merger, sale, and managing control, we have collected these about users. We might not be in management of personal information collected that might be used in the insolvency event, assignment for benefits or credits, and receivership.

New Privacy Policy Updates

Ajmanproperties.ae has the right to change the privacy policies at anything they want. A notification display will notify the change at the homepage of the Website. It would help if you kept reviewing the privacy policies from time to time to know about any changes and new policy Updates. If you are using our website continuously, your consent is to be bound by any changes to this policy.


If you are confused about understanding or queries, you can contact us at support@ajmanproperties.ae.