Your ideal house is closer than you think, and here are some tips to help you get there. Purchasing a property might seem complex. It's relatively easy and doesn't have to be complicated.

Purchasing a property might seem complex. It's relatively easy and can be simple: Many first-time buyers need to be made aware of the requirements and waste time on several contacts with banks and salespeople trying to figure it out. Nonetheless, the circumstances are straightforward.

Let Us Be Self-Sufficient

To begin with, understanding the criteria allows you to be more in charge of your house-purchasing process, avoiding disappointments and surprises. Imagine finally deciding to buy the house of your dreams, only to discover that you cannot finance it. That would be terrible! As a result, being prepared will give you confidence in the process and even more bargaining power with the seller (especially if you have a pre-approval letter).

To help you started, here are a few pointers:

  • Nationality And Place Of Residence

Everyone can get a mortgage in the UAE. Even if you do not live in the UAE, you may own a home here. You may own a property in Ajman if you are a resident, regardless of your country. These considerations will allow you to obtain the home of your dreams.

  • Between the Boomers and the Millennials

Is your age a factor in the financing process? The lowest age to finance your first property is 21, and the maximum is 65. You still have time to find your dream house, climb the property ladder, and plan.

What Is The Needed Minimum Income? Is Home Ownership For Everyone?

To purchase a home in Ajman, you don't have to be a millionaire. Some banks currently provide mortgages to people earning approximately AED 10,000 per month. If you work for yourself, the minimum monthly profit is AED 25,000. To make your ambition even more attainable, you might pool your resources with your loved ones to generate the necessary revenue.

Is There Anything I Need To Pay In Advance?

We understand that discussing down payments might be intimidating, but the guideline is simple: if you are a resident, a down payment of 20% of the property's worth is required (ex-pat). The down payment is 15% for local Emiratis and 50% for non-residents.

Pre-Approval: Putting You Ahead Of The Competition

If you are still visiting houses or perusing your favorite listings, a pre-approval letter might help you get closer to your perfect home. A pre-approval letter is traditionally handled between you and the bank, allowing you to manage the entire process via us, saving you much time. And the pre-approval letter is valid for 60 days, giving you plenty of time to decide where you want to reside. Most mortgage consultants or banks require several weeks to receive your pre-approval letter. We'll get you pre-approved in a couple of days.