A fast Google search will reveal that individuals have strong feelings about whether buying off-plan or ready property in the UAE is preferable. We define off-plan and ready, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each, so you may make an informed selection without unnecessarily browsing through many pages.


To begin, what does "off-plan" mean? Off-plan refers to purchasing a property from a developer before it has been built. These are usually not ready to move into for six to three years after putting down your first 20-50% payment. You'll then pay 50-80% in a handover payment closer to the property's completion date or over 2-3 years as part of a post-construction payment plan.


  • Typically priced lower than the current market value
  • A significant portion of the money is not due until considerably later in the procedure.
  • Developers frequently provide incentives for off-plan houses.


  • You don't receive an instant return on your investment since you have to wait till the home is complete to either rent out, move in, or sell
  • Delays in development might cause delays in handover.
  • You have control over the property once it is finished.
  • You can never be confident that the finished product will appear as advertised.

It is also critical to evaluate future changes in market valuation. This might work in your favor or against you. When you buy off-plan, the value of your prospective property is determined at the start of the process. Suppose the final market value of your acquired home is less than the original valuation, and you are financing the handover payment with a mortgage. In that case, your initial payment may be more significant than intended. However, if it is larger, you may owe less than expected. Changing market prices

Ready-To-Use Properties

Ready properties, as the name implies, are properties that have already been built and are ready for occupancy. If you want to buy a ready house with a mortgage, you must pay between 15% and 20% upfront (the down payment) and the remainder of the transaction price over several years, depending on your mortgage terms and conditions.


  • As soon as you own the property, you have complete authority over it.
  • You may begin earning money by renting it out or save money by moving in immediately after purchase.
  • What you also see is precisely what you get.


  • You pay the market price.
  • Payment in full is required up ahead.
  • You may require additional funds to cover any renovation expenditures.

Understanding why you're purchasing a home and your financial situation are critical since this will influence whether you go off-plan or ready.

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