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About Corniche Tower

Corniche Tower, Corniche Ajman

The Corniche Tower is a freehold residential building located in the Ajman Corniche area. The facility offers a seaside lifestyle overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It is considered the tallest Tower in Ajman; it is about 213 meters high above the sky and 50 stories above the ground. It is the project of Aqaar properties Ajman.

The construction of this project started in 2005 and was completed in 2010. You will find 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments in the Corniche Tower. This high-rise building offers various lifestyle services that provide maximum comfort and convenience to all occupants.

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Building Details


Ajman Corniche Tower has perfect parking from the 1st to 9th floor. Here, residents are divided by the number of parking spaces according to the type of dwelling they own. Visitors can park in the area, but you can use the outdoor and on-street paid parking if you don't have space.


The Corniche Tower has a high-speed lift installed for the convenience of visitors and people who live in the Tower.

Security And Maintenance Services

Residents can rest assured that 24-hour CCTV monitoring and security personnel are on site. The district cooling supplier for the building is Tabreed. The building administrator manages on-site maintenance services.

Event Space

The Corniche Tower, Ajman, is a stone's throw from the Arabian Gulf coast and many popular bars and sports clubs. Partygoers can take advantage of this great location to host social gatherings or throw a fancy party at one of the nearby clubs.

Gym And Fitness Facilities

On the 10th floor, you will find a health club with access to an outdoor swimming pool and a well-equipped gym at the Corniche Tower. It is exclusively for men in the building, which you can visit at any time for training sessions.

The Ladies Health Club is located on the 11th floor and features a well-equipped gym, swimming pool, and children's play area.

Lifestyle Amenities

Residents will find that the building has its lady’s and gent's pool as far as lifestyle amenities go. There is also a jacuzzi and sauna for residents and a play area for children. In addition, the building is within walking distance of the Holiday Beach Club, where you can enjoy some free activities.

Guest Services

The entrance is a magnificent lobby where visitors and guests can compete for time. A 24-hour reception is also available in the building.


You are allowed to keep pets in Corniche Tower, Ajman. Pets get specialized bedding, leashes, collars, litter boxes, etc.

Safety Features

Corniche tower safety features include a fire detection system activated throughout the building.

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Property Types

This high-rise building is a  mixture of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments. 

1-Bedroom Apartments In Corniche Tower, Ajman

The floor area of ​​an apartment with a bathroom is 900 m². Ft up to 1.450m². It is ft. The primary bedroom consists of a built-in closet and a private bathroom. It has a  sliding glass door with access to the balcony via the family room. These units have a fully equipped kitchen and an additional bathroom.

2-Bedroom Apartments In Corniche Tower, Ajman

The two-bedroom apartment has a minimum area of ​​1,850 square feet and a maximum of 2,400 square feet. These units have one bedroom with a private bathroom. In addition, it has a large living room, a semi-open kitchen with cabinets, a bathroom, and a spacious balcony facing the sea.

3-Bedroom Apartments In Corniche Tower, Ajman

The spacious 3-bedroom apartment has an area of ​​3,138 m². ft. from 3,632 m². ft. In addition to rooms with private bathrooms, these units have spacious hallways, semi-equipped kitchens, and shower rooms. The balcony faces the large body of water. Some units also have a service room.

According to a property search in Ajman, the most popular apartment type in the Corniche Tower Building is the two-bedroom apartment. Below is a 1BHK flat. The listing is a 3-bed apartment.

Rental Trends In Corniche Tower, Ajman

There are many types of apartments for rent in Corniche Tower. Rental trends for these apartments are as follows:

  • Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Corniche Tower Ajman is between the prices of AED 32k to AED 40k
  • Rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Corniche Tower Ajman is between the prices of AED 40k to AED 85k
  • Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Corniche Tower Ajman is between the prices of AED 83k to AED 85k

Rent checks beyond four dates are popular with real estate agents in the area, as it is common practice in the U.A.E. For more rental options in the community, search for Corniche Ajman rental apartments on the Ajman properties property portal.

Sale Trends In Corniche Tower, Ajman

If you are interested in buying an apartment in the Corniche Tower, the following sales trends will help you. However, if you want to find other options in the community, many apartments are also for sale in Corniche Ajman.

  • 1-bedroom apartments require a purchase price between AED 365k to AED 370k.
  • 2-bedroom apartments require a purchase price between AED 510k to AED 980k.
  • 3-bedroom apartments require a purchase price between AED 1.0M to AED 1.2M

You have the option of getting a low-interest rate mortgage. It can be a tremendous financial support for those who cannot pay the total amount upfront.

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Location & Nearby


Near By Buildings

There are also some buildings nearby the Tower. Some building's names are as follows:

  • Ajman one towers

  • Ajman Corniche Residences

  • LULU Towers

All the mentioned residential nearby buildings are located within a 10-minute distance from Conqueror Tower, Ajman.

Major Landmarks

Nearby landmarks include:

  • Ajman Beach

  • Holiday Beach Club

  • Splash Center

Above mentioned all three landmarks are 3 minutes away from the Tower.

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Consider Things


The Ajman Corniche Tower has all the building features that most people desire. Plus, it offers a waterfront lifestyle where many dreams come true. However, living here is not feasible for professionals working in Dubai. Still, it's a great place to live if you work in Ajman or Sharjah.

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Naimiya One Apartments has properties with: 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Corniche Tower One Tower One Apartments' selling price starts from AED 396,000.