How to Apply for a New FEWA Connection in Ajman

If you are planning to move to Ajman, one of the Prime tasks is activating your electricity and water service. Fortunately, the process to set up a new FEWA connection is simple and affordable. Following are the steps to activate your Connection.

  • Register your account on the official FEWA website
  • Under the ‘Services’ tab, select Customer in the ‘E-services’ section
  • Choose New Consumer Service Activation
  • Fill out the online application form and attach the required documents

You will receive approval for your application within 24 hours, and your electricity and water will be activated within another 24 hours.

You will also have six days after the approval of your application to pay your deposit online. For those who want to know ‘How much is the FEWA deposit’, this amount will either be AED 1,500 or AED 2,000.

However, there is no service activation cost when applying online. The service is completely free.


To activate your electricity and water service, you will need the following documents:

  • Copy of Emirates ID (Front and back)
  • Tenancy contract, approved by the municipality (for tenants)
  • Title or ownership deed (for owners)

Please upload all documents in PDF format when submitting the application.


There are multiple ways to view and pay your FEWA bills, which include the following methods:

  • FEWA Website
  • FEWA App
  • Kiosks
  • Banks
  • Customer Care Centres
  • Exchange Centres
  • Emirates Post