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About Al Shola American School

Al Talla 2

As Al Shola American School was recently developed in Ajman, it strives to provide quality education for students aged 4 to 18. The National Curriculum of the US is being followed at SAS, as the name says. SAS  s recognized by an international organization, the Accreditation Commission of Schools, and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

To provide high-class education, the approach of Team Work is followed at SAS. This approach involves;

  • Board
  • Community
  • Teachers 
  • Administration
  • Students

All the teachers are proficient and well-qualified, and some are native English speakers. In o der to ensure the efficient learning of students, the school provides every possible facility. There are various programs of extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities to ensure the multi-skill development of students. To learn more about SAS, read this review by ajmanproperies.ae.

Residential Areas Near The School

In a suburban community of Ajman, SAS is located in Al Tallah 2. This area is eminent for having the top-class school in Ajman. Here are some of the residential areas near the school.

The closest among all is Al Mohwaihat 2. There are many phases in this residential community, and it is a place with the cheapest rental rates in Ajman near SAS. There is a diversity of various commercial and residential projects in this community. Al M waihat 1 and Al Mowaihat 3 are also close-by residential areas under development. If you are looking for wholly developed communities, then you can go for Al Rawda 1 and Al Rawda 2.

School campus Details

Al Shola American School in Ajman is known for its vast area, spacious building, and the opportunity it provides its students for academic and non-academic purposes. Outside the campus premises, there's a huge parking space for those who come to pick up students. The school is well equipped with;

  • Smart Classrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Science Labs
  • Libraries
  • Multimedia in Classrooms

The school emphasizes sports education for the physical well-being of students. In t e indoor multi-purpose-hall of the school, students can play;

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton 

 For outdoor games, there is a substantial grassy ground for students.

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School Details

Why Choose Al Shola American School, Ajman?

On the basis of the national curriculum of the US, SAS offers top-class education. The  Next Generation Science Standards for Science are followed for the main subjects. It helps the students prepare for the challenges they will face in their higher education. It a so prepares the students for their future challenges, both mentally & physically.

All the teaching staff of the school is highly qualified and exceptionally proficient. A strict method and process are followed while hiring teachers. Most teachers are native English speakers or speakers with TOEFL/IELTS certification. The updated technology provided by the school pairs with the teacher's teaching style and offers top-level education.

The affordable fee of Al Shola American School is an illuminating quality and much reasonable if compared to American Schools. The annual tuition fee ranges from 12,000 to 23,600 AED depending upon the grade and other variables. Pare ts can get their kids the education they deserve at reasonable prices.

Grades Being Offered at School

SAS is a co-educational institute that provides education from KG to 12th standard on a US-based curriculum. Various levels of education at SAS are as follows.

School Curriculum

The national curriculum of the US is being followed at Al Shola American School. This curriculum is eminent all around the world. For significant subjects, the US Common Core State Standards are used. Other than that, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) guidelines for science are followed. For other subjects like Arabic, Islamic Education, and Social Studies, the Ministry of Education (MOE) policies are observed.

From grade 3 to KG, the following subjects are being taught:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • USA Social Studies
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Education

From 6th standard and onwards,

  • Social Studies
  • French and other languages

From Grade 9, the science subjects are divided into:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Distance Learning at School

For students to not miss their education during the pandemic, the school introduced distance learning. This was helpful during 2019-20 when the schools were closed. An online system was used, and lectures, assessments, and other information were given online to the students.

To protect students from dangerous cybersecurity issues, the school introduced some precautionary policies to ensure the protection of students.

Academic Calendar at School

Like most American schools, the academic year at SAS starts in the last week of August and ends in the Early days of July. The complete academic year is divided into 3 terms. Here are further details about the academic year.

  • The first term begins in the last week of August and ends in the 2nd week of December.
  • After the 1st term, students enjoy winter break, which ends in the last week of December.
  • The 2nd term starts in the 1st week of January and ends in the 4th week of March.
  • Then students enjoy 2 weeks of spring holidays that lasts until the 1st week of April.
  • In the 2nd week of April, the 3rd term starts and ends in the 1st week of July. Foll wed by the summer holidays.

Including the holidays mentioned above, there are national and religious holidays. The school observes holidays on those days. The dates of religious events depend on the lunar calendar, which cannot be predicted and depends on moon sightings.

COVID-19 Regulations

Following the government's decision about re-opening schools for the academic year 2021-22. SAS will follow the guidelines and sops provided by the ministry of education. The students, teachers, and the whole school staff must follow these guidelines.

  • When the campus is open, a distance of 2 meters should be maintained between the students.
  • Bus services will be discontinued to ensure that social distancing is followed.
  • The body temperature of both the students and teachers will be checked before school.
  • The school campus will be sanitized from time to time.
  • The school canteen will be operational after the implementation of safety guidelines. Students will not be allowed to share lunch, but they can bring their lunch from home.
  • Extracurricular activities, field trips, and large gatherings will be limited.
  • Sports activities like swimming will be prohibited temporarily.
  • Entrance of unauthorized people will be prohibited.
  • The fee will be the same, but the school can offer discounts to selected students because of the pandemic.
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Location & Nearby


Admission and Fees

How to Apply?

The admission procedure is not complicated at SAS. Pare ts who want their kids to appear for admission to SAS should visit the campus first. By d ing so, they will learn more about the school's teaching methodology and basic requirements. For that purpose, a school tour will be arranged for the parents. Then the parents will have to register their kids for admission by filling out and submitting an online form. ThoseThose students who are already a part of this school can fill out the re-registration form, which is also on the website.

After the registration, the parents will be called to bring their child to campus to get an assessment of their child done. It w ll have 30 minutes of entrance test and some oral queries. It w ll judge the student's writing, grammar, and punctuation skills & communication skills as well.

There will be oral and picture selection questions for KG students in the test. SAS will also interview the parents to gather more information. The admission will depend on the result of the SAS and age-dependent check.

Here are the age-grade guidelines Al Shola American School (SAS) follows.

The students who will be successful will be put on a waiting list. Pare ts will be asked to submit the documents and dues within 5 days. This is to secure the seats. The students' names will remain on the waiting list until all the dues are clear. These procedures are taken care of by the proficient staff of the admission department.

You can check out the website of Al Shola American School for further information.

Fee Structure

The fee structure of the school is;


The fee needs to be paid before the start of each term. Here are important deadline dates for fees.

  • 1st installment – 9th January of the current year
  • 2nd Instalment – 1st December of the current year
  • 3rd Instalment – 1st January of the following year

You can check out the website of Al Shola American School (SAS) Ajman for further details.

COVID-19 Relief at School

For pandemic relief, a 20% discount was offered at SAS for the academic year 2021-22 to parents. For the parents of students in the 1st lane of defense against covid-19, an extra 20% discount was offered. The school also waives 5% of the remaining tuition fee for early registration.

You can contact the accounting department of the school for more information.

Scholarships by SAS

SAS is not providing scholarships right now. Although there were covid-19 discounts for the academic year 2021-22.

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School Facilities

School Transportation

The school provides its students with the facility of transportation. For students, the school owns several buses. The uses are well-maintained and have a conductor to facilitate the students. Various routes are followed to ensure that most areas are covered, like Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.

The transport charges include the following:

  • Charges For Dubai – AED 3,500
  • Charges For Sharjah – AED 3,000
  • Charges For Ajman – 2,500
  • Charges For Umm Al Quwain – AED 3,000

For now, there is a limit on school bus registrations. They did so to reduce the chances of covid-19 and adopted it as a practice safety measure.

You can contact the school’s administration for more information

Boarding Facility

No boarding facilities are available at SAS yet as it is a day-only school. Students who are also involved in sports and other activities are provided. But there is no hostel facility on campus. Parents who face difficulty dropping off and picking up their kids can see school transportation. They can also shift to nearby residential areas.

Sports Activities

There is a plethora of options at SAS in terms of sports. The school is also well equipped with all the necessary furniture and equipment required for sports. In t e indoor multi-purpose-hall of the school, students can play;

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton 

 For outdoor games, there is a substantial grassy ground for students.

Extracurricular Activities

SAS focuses on the overall development of students, not just academics. For all-rounded skill development in students, various activities are encouraged at SAS, and their details are as follows.

  • Field trips         
  • Sports day
  • National day celebration        
  • Flag day celebration
  • Letters day with creative activities    
  • Breast cancer awareness day
  • Animal day      
  • Color day

Field Trips from School

As SAS, one of the primary and essential parts of the enrichment program is tours. The primary purpose is to introduce the students to the outside world and how to face it. SAS encourages students to take part in various activities on tour. Here are some places where SAS has arranged tours in the past.

Kidzania is a family entertainment place and has various activities for kids. Our at Kidzania by SAS was one of the main highlights of field trips by SAS.

  • Funky Monkey
  • Sharjah Library
  • Al Mahatta Museum  
  • Arabia’s Wildlife Centre – Sharjah

Because of covid-19, field tours are prohibited temporarily until further notice arrives. This is to ensure the safety of students and their well-being. Pare ts will be updated on social media platforms if any news comes.

After School Care by SAS

After school, students are given a few hours of training in extracurricular activities. The proper after-school care is not available for students because of covid-19.

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Communication Between Parents and Teachers

Parent-teacher association is essential and highlighted at Al shola American School Ajman. In o der to facilitate communication between teachers and parents, SAS offers various ways of communication.

Parents can use the parent portal on the website, where the school's representatives will talk to them. Isn't it amazing that all the information is available at a single portal for parents? The following information is reachable at the portal by parents.

  • Attendance records
  • Academic records
  • Teachers’ feedback on student’s performance
  • Circulars
  • Curriculum
  • Notices

Parents and other website visitors can also find interesting information about the school on the portal, like admission and payment, education program, media gallery, and some general information. If t e parents need to contact the teacher or student body in person, they will have to submit a form online at the school's website.

There are many multiple social platforms where the school's administration is active and a mode of communication. There are also WhatsApp groups where parents can directly contact the teachers. But it is mandatory to use the group for urgent queries only and not for irrelevant things.

Parents can also contact on telephone numbers of the school and email. It is recommended to parents who want their kids to enroll that they should first visit the school campus before applying.

Details For School Contact Information

School Address:

187 Munah Street, Behind Saudi German Hospital, Al Tallah 2, Ajman, UAE

Phone Numbers

For Details And General Information:

+971 6 745 1110

Email Addresses

Admission: Admissions@sholaamericanschool.com


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