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About City School Ajman

Al Talla 2

In 2017, the City School Ajman welcomed its first batch of students. It is one of the most demanding schools in Ajman and is owned by R holding Education and Academic Development-(READ). This organization has done wonders in the education industry since 2012 with establishments like City University College of Ajman (CUCA) and also City American School.

This School provides top-class education from KG-1 to 12 Grade. The curriculum being offered is CBSE, and almost 2,342 students are getting educated at this school. The City School Ajman's faculty includes 218 teachers and 43 assistants. The total no of students in KG is 180 and 350 in KG-2. The student-to-teacher ratio of KG is 2:25 and 1:30 for other grades. Students are also facilitated with all the facilities required for their all-rounded development.

Residential Areas Near The School

There are many residential communities near School, and the closest one is Al Mowaihat 3. Here are other residential areas that are located near the School.

Towards southern Ajman, near the Ajman-Sharjah border, Al Mowaihat is located. There are various phases and sections of this residential area where people can get villas and apartments for rent at an affordable price. In the suburban areas of Ajman, Al Rawda is located. It is more on the city's eastern side and has 2 major sectors. This place is considered ideal for a living.

Here's a guide if you want to move to places near the School.

School campus Details

The humungous 500,000 Sq.ft area of the School makes it the largest School in Ajman. Students have numerous facilities, a unique environment, and high-quality education.

The main building of the School has the following facilities:

  • Equipped science labs
  • Computer labs
  • Classrooms
  • Admin Offices
  • Libraries
  • Cafeterias
  • IT Labs with ICT resources
  • Prayer Rooms with gender distinction

Students need to get involved in sports besides their curriculum. The School provides various sports and extracurricular facilities for its students that are as follows:

  • For gymnastics, Taekwondo and Karate, there's a multipurpose sports space.
  • Indoor and outdoor playground
  • Basketball court
  • Football fields
  • Facilities for a high jump, long jump, and sprinting
  • Tennis courts

Following extracurricular activities are encouraged at the School.

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Painting
  • Art lessons
  • Location of the School

In Al Tallah-2 at Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Road, the City School Ajman is located. The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road joins the School to a significant area of Ajman, making it quite easy for parents and students to commute. One of the most prominent landmarks near the School is Al Tallah Camel Race Course. Following schools are also considered by parents in Al Tallah-2.

  • Delhi Private School
  • Ajman Academy
  • The International School of Choueifat
  • Habitat School Ajman
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School Details

Why Choose City School Ajman?

CSA is owned by R holding Education and Academic Development-(READ). This organization is dedicated to the UAE Vision 2021 and has made many efforts to create innovation in the City School Ajman and City University College of Ajman (CUCA).

Being one of the largest and quality schools with a CBSE curriculum in Ajman, it is the parents' 1st choice. The School nurtures the students with social, emotional, physical, mental, and intellectual growth. Different values like Perseverance, Strength, Respect, Innovation, Ethics, Dedication, and Excellence are nurtured in students. This is so to make sure that students achieve their goals in every aspect of their lives. CSA makes the students considerate about others as well.

CSA welcomes students from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and countries. This makes this School diverse and allows students to share their culture with everyone. This helps every student get maximum knowledge in the diverse environment CSA provides. They learn to respect people from other religions and cultures.

Being a newly developed school, CSA achieved its targets and goals in a shorter time. The staff of CSA grew impressively by 125%. Not only the students but the teachers also belong from different cultures with different and diverse experiences. This makes it beneficial for students because they get to learn in the most varied environment with highly qualified teachers from other countries.

There is a particular assessment system for students in which their progress can be recorded. This system also acts as a helping hand in students' progress. The necessary tests are ASSET and Cat4 tests.

Students that are exceptionally talented and more efficient than others are taught according to their capabilities. They are provided with a different course and plan to get an education for their level.

The School's Learning Support Team (LST) monitors the curriculum of unique and gifted students. They are provided with scholarships and extra care as well.

Here are why CSA is a priority and the best choice for parents for their children.

  • Licensed by The Ministry of Education.
  • Ajman's largest School with a CBSE curriculum.
  • State-of-the-art architecture.
  • Top-notch facilities.
  • Highly qualified teachers.
  • 2nd language options for students include Hindi, French, Malayalam, Urdu, and Bangla.
  • Al-rounded curriculum including 10 subjects.
  • Extra-curriculars for students like Art, Music, Health Education, Dance, and Drama.
  • Enrichment programs for students like Robotics, The Gavel Club, Formula One, and The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
  • The policy of "No Child Left Behind." It makes sure that all students are treated equally.
  • Some sports enhance the physical health of students: including Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Swimming, Martial Arts, and Athletics.

Grades Being Offered at School

The School offers grades from KG-1 to grade 12.

Here are further details:

School Curriculum

The curriculum offered at CSA is the Indian CBSE curriculum. Here are the primary subjects of the curriculum.

  • Mathematics
  • Islamic Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Life Skills
  • English
  • ICT
  • Arabic
  • UAE Social Studies
  • For 2nd language, students can choose from Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Bangla, and French.

Curriculum for Kindergarten

The main target in the KG curriculum is the "age-specific" concepts. It was drawn by keeping in mind the latest teaching methodologies. The student's learning skills are enhanced by introducing them to various themes. The learning approach adopted is child-centered, and students get to learn while playing. There are 2 parts of the KG curriculum:

  • Scholastic
  • Non-scholastic subjects

These concepts are fostered in students.

  • Art
  • Design
  • Literacy
  • Social development
  • Personal Development
  • Numeracy

Curriculum for Primary Section

The student's curiosity is used to develop more skills in students at the primary level. Students' inquisitive nature helps them to explore and learn with diversity. The New Delhi & the Ministry of Education program and the CBSE are used to foster the student's curricular needs.

In primary sections, the following educational subjects are taught:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • UAE Social Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu, Bangla, French
  • Science
  • Islamic Studies, Moral Science

Here are the Non-scholastics:

  • Physical Education
  • Music & Dance
  • Swimming
  • Club Activities
  • Art & Craft

Latest teaching methodologies are used to enhance the critical thinking in students, and they are taught by creating a distinction among their gender, ability, race, nationality, language, class, and social and economic conditions.

Curriculum for Middle School & Secondary School

The New Delhi & the Ministry of Education program and the CBSE are used to foster the student's curricular needs at the Middle and Secondary levels. These levels prepare students to prepare for life outside the School and face challenges.

Here are further details about the secondary and middle school curriculum:

Academic Calendar at School

CSA has the same academic calendar as other CBSE schools in Ajman. In April, a new academic year starts and concludes in March.

Following are details of the academic year.

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Location & Nearby


Admission and Fees

How to Apply?

Here is also a complete guide for parents who want to apply for admission to The City School Ajman:

  • The critical thing to do while applying for an admission is to register your kid. You could either visit the campus for registration or do it online at the School's website.
  • After registering your kid, you must submit all the required documents to the school's admission department.
  • There will be a session for the admissions of students in KG 1 and an entrance test for getting admission in grades from KG 2 to grade 12th.
  • After the student has appeared in the exam, the student will get admission after various assessments like age-appropriate assessment and judgment of social skills.
  • When the student gets admission successfully, parents must pay the tuition fee’s first installment and the admission fee altogether before the start of the academic year.

Here's a list of documents that are mandatory to submit during admission. The Ministry of education will approve these documents.

  • A printout of the filled admission form that you submitted online.
  • The student’s birth certificate copy is either in Arabic or English.
  • A copy of the student’s passport with a valid residence visa and Emirates ID.
  • Eight recent passport-sized photos of the student with white background.
  • The single copy of the parent's passport with a valid residence visa and also  Emirates ID.
  • For admission in any grade above KG-2 or KG-2, a result card of the previous grade.
  • A copy of the immunization card.
  • Leaving certificate from the previous School or transfer certificate from the last School.
  • If the student is from any other school in the UAE, then a continuity certificate and conduct certificate from the previous School.
  • For admission in Grade 10th, a Copy of the 9th CBSE registration card.
  • The transfer certificate must be attested for students who are studying overseas.
  • The student will be given admission only if available seats and the previous School's report is impressive.
  • It is essential to pass the English and Mathematics test to get admission to KG-2.
  • The science test is mandatory for 7th-grade admissions.
  • To get admission in grades 8th, 9th, and 10th, the subjects needed to be cleared are Social Science, English, Science, and Mathematics.

Fee Structure

Here are the details of the annual fee structure of the School. It is possible to pay the yearly fee in 3 installments.

  • The fee for the 1st term is to be paid every month, and the 2nd and 3rd terms' fees should be paid in quarterly installments.
  • For July and August, the School will charge no fee.
  • An annual fee must be paid at the start of every academic year. This annual fee is non-refundable.

Here are the details of the additional charges:

  • If you are applying for kinship or other discounts, then the documents required should be submitted with the registration application
  • If any student cancels admission during the academic year, the School will also revoke any discounts offered during re-registration.
  • Also, for sibling discounts, the highest discount will apply to the student in the lowest tuition fee bracket.
  • If the student is eligible for two scholarships, then only one scholarship with the highest percentage will be implemented.
  • If the admission is canceled between the academic year, the student will have to pay the equivalent.
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School Facilities

Lunch and Snack Options

There is a high-class cafeteria on campus for students at CSA, which provides healthy and nutritious options. It also has a great ambiance; students can enjoy the restaurant during their lunch breaks.

School Transportation

CSA provides a top-notch transportation facility to its students. There is a female guide at all times for students from the start to the end of the ride. Parents need to get a form and submit it to the School's transportation department to sign up for school transportation.

Sports Activities

Providing its students with top-notch facilities of spots, this School has become a multi-optional school. Here are the sports facilities being provided by the School:

  • Indoor Playing areas
  • Outdoor playing areas
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Grassy fields for football
  • Multipurpose hall for karate, gymnastics, and taekwondo.
  • Race tracks
  • Areas to practice long jump, high jump, and sprinting.

Extracurricular Activities

To enhance students' learning abilities, students need to participate in extracurricular activities.

Here are the details of the extracurricular activities at CSA.

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Communication Between Parents and Teachers

The School provides the parents of its students a portal for parents only, and its password is offered to the parents so that they can keep track of their child's performance like attendance percentage, grades, and other details. If parents have any concerns, they can resolve them by getting in touch with the faculty after filling out an application form. This application form is available on the website of the School.

School Contact Information

Telephone: +971-6-714-7777

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