It is a dream come true to establish a company and begin a new life in Ajman. Although it can be frightening to consider using your life savings to start a business, you can achieve your goals. No one can stop you if you have the correct plan. Ajman has many good opportunities for business, but just like in any other nation, you must meet and abide by a variety of visa requirements to open your own business.

A Market That Is Attractive To Investors And Entrepreneurs

Since Ajman has long been regarded as one of the world's leading emerging markets, it would be accurate to state that it is the best location for both business ownership and investment. Ajman is open for business, as seen by the rules related to business owners that date back to the past and even the most recent ones. Furthermore, by launching it and making it the center of attention, the United Arab Emirates' numerous grants and the business-friendly policies it has maintained for so long have improved the economy. As a result of its success in defining the United Arab Emirates into the mainland, and economic free zones, Ajman has ensured that any potential businessman can succeed and settle in Ajman. The free zones with their tax-free regulations, low setup costs, full repatriation of earnings, and 100% foreign ownership are among the most profitable categories.

Regulations Concerning Business Owners And Visas

Just so you know, obtaining a business visa for Ajman is easier than for any other country, which is great news if you intend to open a business there. Here are some standard conditions that you must meet, even though each UAE zone has its own set of guidelines for acquiring a business visa:

For your company to serve as your sponsor, you must register it in Ajman.
Establishing a business in Ajman will require a local partner (unless in the case of a free zone, when real office space is not needed).
You can apply for residency and work permits in the free zone if you decide to open a consultancy there. Your sponsor needs to make a certain amount of money. Even if you establish your firm in the UAE; you are not eligible to apply for permanent residency. You can sponsor your parents, children, and spouse using a secondary sponsorship arrangement.


Although they cannot open a physical office in Ajman, offshore businesses are permitted to have an account there. Approval from the government and other agencies is necessary for business visas in all zones.

Things To Know Before Making Travel Plans To Ajman

You should find out if you need a visa before taking a risk and purchasing your trip to Ajman right away. Citizens of the GCC—Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar do not need a visa; you can enter the city by plane and simply present your ID or passport when you exit.

If you come from the Americas, or the European Union, you will need a visa; however, as more than 47 of these nations can obtain their visas upon arrival, previous planning is not necessary. However, before they can enter Emirati land, citizens of other nations must go through the entire visa application process.

Eligibility Criteria For The Investor Visa In The Mainland?

Business Activity

You must open a business in one of the UAE's mainland regions, including Ajman, to be eligible for a mainland investor visa. The company activity must not be on the forbidden list and must fall within one of the permitted categories by the UAE government.

Capital Requirements

To be granted a mainland investor visa, applicants must meet capital requirements. The minimal amount of money needed varies based on the kind of business you run. Depending on the type of business, the capital requirement can be anywhere from AED 300,000 or more.

Business Plan

A thorough business plan is a must for applications for mainland investor visas. To show the potential for success of your business, your business plan should include an overview of your intended business operations, financial predictions, and any other information.

Ownership Structure

To be eligible for a mainland investor visa, a foreign investor must own at least 51% of the company; the remaining 49% must be held by a UAE company. The business company law of the United Arab Emirates is compliant with this ownership arrangement.

Other Requirements

Depending on the country and the type of business you are in, there may be different criteria for getting a mainland investor visa. The requirements could be having a property, leasing it, getting the required permissions and approvals, and meeting any additional requirements laid down by the government.


Acquiring an Ajman investor visa is an essential first step towards launching your company. You may make sure that your move to conducting your business in Ajman goes smoothly by familiarizing yourself with the regulations and applying for a visa. To increase your chances of success, it is advisable to get professional help from business consultants in UAE company creation and visa procedures.