Starting a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may be highly fruitful, and if you're considering it all, the Ajman Free Zone is a fantastic place to start. We should examine the benefits of continuing our work in Ajman and the services provided by the Ajman Free Zone.

Authority, and establishing and operating a successful organization in that region. Above all, Ajman's location within the Unified Bedouin Emirates is unquestionably advantageous, providing easy access to economically significant areas throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia. It also has some executioner benefits, like no personal or corporate obligation, which means you keep more money in your pocket.

For now, let's talk about the cycle. It's startlingly apparent. You can look through different kinds of organizations depending on what best meets your needs. From then on, all you have to do is arrange your workspace work and obtain the necessary permissions from the Ajman Free Zone Authority, and you'll be good to go! In this regard, Ajman Free Zone is the place to be if you're ready to launch a business.

Why Should You Choose Ajman Free Zone?

Crucial Region And Network

Ajman is the best location for business activities because of its strategic location along modern parkways, which ensures an excellent network with the rest of the UAE, particularly with Dubai.

Growth Support And Propositions

Entrepreneurs and investors in Ajman enjoy attractive growth support and propositions, fostering the expansion of their businesses. This includes competitive fees and installment payment plans, which are particularly beneficial for startups.

Quality Of Life

Ajman offers an excellent quality of existence with its instructive capacities and lower cost for most everyday items compared with different emirates. Occupants with a UAE residency visa can partake in a casual life in the Ajman Free Zone.

Overview Of Ajman Free Zone Authority

Free Zone Options

Ajman boasts a few free zones, such as Ajman Media City Free Zone and AFZA, to meet various business requirements. AFZA's strategic location along the Bedouin Bay makes it particularly important for the variety of business sectors it attracts.

Proximity To Dubai

Situated just a minute's drive from Dubai, Ajman Free Zone provides businesses with proximity to one of the area's primary financial hubs, providing many opportunities.

Authority Of The Ajman Free Zone: Business Offices

Executive Offices

The Ajman Free Zone Authority provides spacious executive offices tailored to suit diverse business needs, offering flexibility and convenience for business operations.


For businesses involving manufacturing, AFZA offers industrial warehouses equipped with offices and security, providing a conducive environment for production activities.


Flexi desks are available for businesses needing collaborative workspaces, contributing to productivity and employee satisfaction.

Ajman Free Zone Authority & Activities

Service, Trading, And Industrial

Business activities in the Ajman Free Zone encompass service, trading, and industrial sectors, providing options for various businesses.

Freelance Permit

AFZA introduced a freelance permit subcategory in 2019, allowing individuals to obtain a license and visa at affordable rates.

Ajman Free Zone Company Setup Costs

Business Setup Packages

Ajman offers various business setup packages tailored to different age groups and business activities, with costs starting as low as AED 5,000.

Visa Costs

Additional costs for resident visas include E-Channel deposits, registration fees, Emirates ID, passport, and medical evaluations.

Setting Up, Renewal, Amendments, And Liquidation

Company Setup

Incorporating a company in the Ajman Free Zone is relatively straightforward and can also be completed in a day, with assistance from business setup consultants recommended.


Company renewal can be done remotely, with the exact fees as the initial registration.


Amendments to company details can be facilitated by the owner or a representative, with associated fees.


Company liquidation is a straightforward process that can be completed within a month, requiring the closure of corporate bank accounts and cancellation of resident visas.

Residency Visas

Application Process

The residency visa application process in Ajman involves providing necessary documents, including property/business ownership and immigration cards.


Residency visa application costs are fixed at AED 2,800, covering Emirates ID and medical check-ups.

Ajman Free Zone License: Benefits

Global Reach

Ajman's strategic location offers businesses global reach, facilitating international trade and expansion opportunities.

Quick Registration And Visa Options

The ease and speed of company registration and multiple visa options make Ajman Free Zone an attractive choice for entrepreneurs.

Stimulus Packages And Support

Ajman Free Zone Authority provides stimulus packages and support for startups, encouraging business growth and innovation.

Diverse Business Activities

Ajman Free Zone looks out for various businesses and sectors by allowing multiple business activities and promoting financial variety and adaptability.


The Ajman Free Zone is a rare opportunity for those seeking to establish or grow their businesses in the United Middle Eastern and African Emirates. It is the most fantastic location because of its many amenities, excellent location, and these features. Therefore, Ajman is a place you should think about if you're thinking about starting a new project or growing your current firm. It is similar to a hub of possible outcomes where you can advance and bring your dreams to pass.