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    To reply to your Agent Reviews:

    1. Go to your agent profile.
    2. Open ‘My Agent Reviews’.
    3. ‘Comment’ and type your response.
    4. Hit ‘Post comment’ and your reply will be published.

    To report a review hit the ‘Report’ button on the specific review within the ‘My Agent Reviews’ section of your profile to notify our Customer Support Team.

    Alternatively, reply to the new review notification email from ajmanproperties or get in touch with help@ajmanproperties.ae to report a review to be removed.

    To modify your notifications open ‘Settings’ under the top-right icon. Here you can manage your ‘Community’ and ‘Agent’ notifications
    If you’re a Premier Agent or Agency, you can link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages via the top-right icon, under ‘Settings’ and ‘Agent Settings’. Add the unique URLs to your social media accounts and hit ‘Update Settings’ to save changes. Your Agent Profile will now link out to your personal social media pages via the icons at the bottom of your profile housed under ‘Contact Details’.

    To update or add additional areas to your service locations email help@ajmanproperties.ae your request with a list of suburbs and we’ll update the service locations on your profile for you.

    Basic profiles can receive one service location and Premier Agents and Agencies can add up to 10 service locations.

    Suppose you receive an unfounded, untrue, or defamatory Agent Review. In that case, you have the opportunity to report it to us before it is published on our site to have the review removed.
    Reply to the new review notification email from AjmanProperties or get in touch with help@ajmanproperties.ae if you have any questions or want to remove a review.

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