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About Habitat School Al Jurf Ajman

Al Jurf 2, Al Jurf

Habitat School Al Jurf opened its gates for students for the first time in 2015. This school is a project of Habitat Group of schools, as the name says. The school's owner, H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqer Al Nuaimi, showed appreciable efforts in creating evolution in the education department. The school's curriculum is CBSE, which also has its affiliation with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

From KG to grade 12, the Indian CBSE curriculum is followed. The school provides co-education from K.G. to grade 4, and from grade 5 onwards, the school offers segregated education.

Residential Areas near the School

The top-most quality of this luxurious Al Jurf-2 residential area is that it is super family-friendly.

Residential areas close to school are:

One of the closest residential areas among all is Al Rawda 3. This residential area is a sub-community of Al Rawda. One of the notable landmarks of this area is Tajeel Center Ajman.

If you are planning to move near the school and looking for options, then here is a guide:

School Campus Details

Habitat School Ajman provides the following facilities:

  • High-tech science Labs
  • Canteen
  • Medical Clinic
  • School store
  • Outdoor play areas
  • Smart Digital Classrooms
  • Latest Updated Computer Lab
  • Synthetic track
  • Activity rooms
  • Well Equipped Library
  • Indoor play areas
  • Gigantic Swimming pool
  • Greenhouse
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School Details

Why chose Habitat School Al Jurf?

There are innumerable reasons why Habitat Private School is the parent’s best choice in Ajman. The school has won parents' confidence and trust by providing top-class education in Ajman.

The school also provides multiple opportunities for students to sharpen their academic, extracurricular, and sports skills. One of the eminent programs this school started to help students do better in extracurricular activities and sports was a day boarding program. The school has set up a "leadership team" whose duty is to ensure that everything is being done according to the selected code of conduct. They keep a check on both the students and the staff. Another unusual step taken by the school administration was to provide students with different carrier counseling sessions. These sessions help students a lot in deciding their future.

Grades Being Offered at School

The Habitat School provides education from K.G. to grade 12 under the CBSE curriculum.

School Curriculum

In the K.G. section, the basic foundation and concepts are built strong in students. For their childhood learning to improve, they are introduced to various concepts via games and themes. Here are the concepts and subjects introduced to the students of K.G.

  • English
  • Numeracy
  • EVS
  • General Awareness
  • Art
  • Music
  • Gross Motor Skills

After passing the K.G. section, students are promoted to the primary section, where the curriculum is a bit formal. Following is the subject breakdown for primary students.

  • English
  • Math
  • Environmental Science
  • Computer Science
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Studies
  • UAE Social Studies
  • Cyber Square program and computer sciences are started from grade 1 for advanced learning of tech.

In middle school, Subjects are taught by specialized teachers. Here are the main subjects that students study in Primary school.

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry 
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political life replaced by Social Sciences

From grade 9 to secondary school, the CBSE curriculum is followed. Students have to choose either science or commerce in Grade 11 and then follow that in grades 11 and 12. Here are the details of various courses which students can choose.

  1. Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, and English Main
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Math, I.P. and English Main
  3. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Core, and I.P.
  4. Accountancy, I.P., Business Studies, Economics, and English Core

For 2nd language, the options are:

  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • French
  • Bangla

Academic Calendar at School

Like all Indian Schools, the academic calendar begins in April and ceases in March.

Distance Learning at School

The school facilitates its students by providing three forms of education. Details are as follows:

  • 100 % e-education and online studies
  • Combination of online and on-campus studies
  • Complete on-campus education

Covid-19 Regulations

The government of UAE has decided to reopen schools but made it mandatory for schools to implement covid-19 regulations to control the spread of covid-19. The SOPs issued by the Ministry of Education will be implemented. Here are the details of the SOPs and safety measures.

  • According to the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management guidelines, the whole campus school will be sterilized frequently.
  • The body temperature of those entering the school premises will be measured.
  • Buss capacity will be reduced to 30-50 % for safety measures.
  • Social distancing will be maintained at the campus.
  • Seats will be 1.5 meters apart from each other.
  • Gatherings, events, and group activities will be terminated temporarily.
  • A health officer will check safety measures and ensure that no violation of these regulations is made.
  • Student classes shall resume, but swimming pools will be prohibited.
  • Students can choose between getting on-campus education, e-learning, or mixed learning.
  • There will be no changes in tuition fees for this academic year, but some students will be offered discounts.
  • Students showing symptoms will have to get tested for Covid-19. Those with no symptoms will not be obligated to get a Covid-19 PCR test.
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Location & Nearby


Admission and Fees

How to Apply?

The school's website lacks the details of the admission process. The 1st thing you can do is to get your child registered for admission online. Then the school will probably reach out and contact you for further admission process. Passing the entrance exam with distinction is essential for students who want to secure a seat at school.

The eligibility criteria for admission also include fulfilling the age requirements. The age-related requirements and guidelines are as follows.


Fee Structure

For the academic year 2021-2022, the fee structure is as follows:



These charges are not included in the tuition fee and are additional:

  • 200 AED Registration Fee.
  • 100 AED Application form fee.
  • From KG 1 to K.G. 2, a resource fee for LMS & School Portal will be AED 550.
  • From Grade 1 to Grade 12, a resource fee for LMS & School Portal will be AED 800.
  • 300 AED will be a refundable caution deposit for new admissions from K.G. to Grade 12.
  • 200 AED will be the CBSE registration fee for Grade 9 and 11.
  • 750 AED will be the CBSE registration fee for Grade 10 and 12.
  • For grades 11 and 12, there will also be a science lab fee of 200 AED.

All charges can be paid via bank transfer, online payment, at the school's finance departments via cheque or cash, and debit/credit card.

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School Facilities

Lunch and Snack Options

The school has a huge cafeteria on campus where students can enjoy healthy and nutritious snacks during recess. To control Covid-19, students are encouraged to bring lunch from home and water bottles instead of eating at the canteen.

School Transportation

The transportation facility provided by Habitat School Ajman is exceptional because of the numerous facilities available. Here are the facilities available in the transportation service provided by the school:

  • air-conditioning
  • GPS trackers
  • electronic attendance scanner

Sports Activities

The school also motivates its students to take part in sports activities. These sports activities increase physical strength, tolerance, and patience in them. The school provides the following sports facilities:

  • A Jumbo Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Playing area
  • Synthetic Track
  • outdoor play areas

Extracurricular Activities

Following are the extracurricular activities offered by the school:

  • Karate
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Football
  • National Day
  • Badminton
  • Spelling Bee
  • Digital Fest
  • Organic Farming

Field Trips from School

For students to learn outside of school campus and something other than theoretical knowledge, they are taken to various places across the emirate, including:

  • Tourist attractions
  • Historical Places
  • Parks

After-School Care at school

School provides an after-school care facility where students are trained for sports and extracurricular activities after school hours.

Health Care at School

The school campus has an excellent medical clinic handled by professional nurses. The clinic is fully-equipped and deals with medical emergencies. The clinic provides first aid and minor medical care. Students are rushed to a nearby hospital if there are significant emergencies. 

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Communication Between Parents and Teacher

Parents need to stay involved in their child's academics and overall performance. Indian Private School ensures parents remain aware of their child's performance throughout the year. To achieve that, the school arranges several parent-teacher meetings and conferences in which the academic and non-academic performance of the student is discussed.

Parent-teacher meetings are held every term. Weaknesses and strengths are discussed so parents and teachers can focus on the department where the most improvement is required. Another method for parents to stay in touch with teachers and track their child's performance is by visiting active on the parent portal.

School Contact Information

Telephone Number: +971-6-731-5151

Emails for General Enquiries: info@ajm.habitatschool.org

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